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After my process of reporting and helping co-found Gymnasts for Change Canada, I found there was a significant lack of allyship, education and actionable items for those wanting true, systemic sport change in Canada.

The Next Athlete Project is helping inform and mobilize all levels of participants - fans, parents, athletes, officials and more, to protect the next athlete from maltreatment.

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Our core principle revolves around educating everyone involved in sports – from parents and athletes to fans and officials – on tangible, actionable steps they can take to create a safer, more respectful environment. By providing practical guidance, we empower individuals at all levels to contribute to the protection of athletes from maltreatment. Together, let's champion a culture of responsibility and ensure the next generation of athletes thrives in a supportive and respectful sporting community.


We are dedicated to enlightening participants at every level of sports about the intricate realities of sport systems, shedding light on current pitfalls. Through comprehensive education, we empower individuals to be informed participants, arming them with knowledge on safeguarding themselves, their children, athletes, and the next generation from maltreatment. By fostering awareness and understanding, we aim to create a resilient sporting community that stands united against any form of mistreatment. Join us in championing education as a cornerstone for positive change in sports.


We are committed to amplifying survivor stories and experiences of maltreatment within the sports realm. These narratives serve not to tear down the sport system but to inform and empower. By sharing these stories, we aim to foster empathy, understanding, and a collective commitment to creating a safer future for all athletes and sports participants. Join us in harnessing the transformative power of storytelling to protect the next generation from maltreatment and build a resilient and compassionate sports community.

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