What is an Action Partner?

Elevate your journey to success with our premium Action Partner service. This program is all about you – a customized experience that includes strategically scheduled check-ins. We collaboratively set the pace, providing specific accountability tailored to your goals. Between these check-ins, enjoy unlimited support to propel you forward, kickstart new habits, and conquer projects. It's more than a service; it's your personal roadmap to achievement and transformation. Invest in yourself today and experience the power of tailored guidance and unwavering support.

I've been there...

I would consider much, if not all, of my 20's a relentless hustle to fill a void or sitting, waiting for time to pass - neither overly healthy nor helpful.

I promised when I started to see the other side of the chaos, I would help others become unstuck.

My Story

Supportive Action Taking

Five years ago, I craved the support of an Action Partner. Despite outward success in travel, competition, and coaching, I was internally stuck, grappling with a persistent void. Life changes, and I found myself in a rut. Over time, healing and self-reflection led me to appreciate the transformative power of supportive action. Now, my purpose is clear - offering the help I wished I had back then. Let me be your guide in breaking through the barriers and finding purpose. Your journey forward starts here.

How does it work?

1. Choose your Package

Choose your length of package - weekly or monthly. Both packages offer the same perks, just differing lengths of time.

2. Initial Connect

We sit down for a call, zoom or chat over text/e-mail - whichever you are most comfortable with - where we discuss your goals and vision. From there, we create our action plan and check-in scheedule.

3. Action Plan

After our Initial Connect, we will send over your customized Action Plan including the tasks and timeline to help you get unstuck.

4. Ongoing Support

All packages include unlimted texting and voice messaging during the week. During our Initial Connect, we will create a Check In schedule to best support your tasks, timeline and needs.

5. Check Ins

Our Check Ins consist of an honest conversation about what has been going well and where we could potentially adjust, as well as specific accountability for the tasks and plan we have created . Every plan will have different Check Ins.

  • Habits

    • Morning Routine Cultivation
    • Consistent Journaling
    • Fitness Accountability
    • Mindful Meditation Integration
    • Effective Time Blocking
    • Healthy Eating Habits
    • Digital Detox Strategies
    • Consistent Sleep Routine
    • Gratitude Practice
    • Learning and Growth Commitment
  • Actions

    • Going to the gym
    • Booking appointments
    • Meal prepping
    • Reaching out to loved ones
    • Completing work tasks
    • Setting and reviewing daily goals
    • Prioritizing and organizing tasks
    • Engaging in self-reflection
    • Practicing mindfulness or meditation
    • Managing and responding to emails
    • Creating content
  • Projects

    • Home renovations
    • Launching a business
    • Developing a personal website
    • Writing a book or blog
    • Organizing a major event
    • Implementing a fitness program
    • Starting an online course
    • Creating a budget and financial plan
    • Redesigning a personal space
    • Planning a career change

Who is an Action Partner for?

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

  • Why: Action Partners provide focused support for goal setting, strategic planning, and navigating challenges in the dynamic business landscape.
  • How: Tailored strategies for business growth, accountability in executing plans, and overcoming obstacles.

Career Changers

  • Why: Transitioning careers can be daunting. An Action Partner helps set clear goals, provides support during job searches, and facilitates a smooth career change.
  • How: Crafting a step-by-step plan, boosting confidence, and navigating the intricacies of a career shift.

Creatives and Artists

  • Why: Overcoming creative blocks, setting and achieving artistic goals, and establishing effective routines are common challenges.
  • How: Inspiring creativity, setting artistic milestones, and providing ongoing motivation.

Students and Graduates

  • Why: Navigating academic challenges, setting career goals, and transitioning from student to professional life can be overwhelming.
  • How: Goal-oriented study plans, career guidance, and support during critical academic and career transitions.

Individuals Going Through Life Changes

  • Why: Whether it's a divorce, relocation, or other major life changes, an Action Partner helps in adapting and setting new life goals.
  • How: Emotional support, goal reassessment, and creating a roadmap for the next chapter.

Health and Fitness Enthusiasts

  • Why: Achieving fitness goals requires consistency, motivation, and a personalized approach.
  • How: Crafting tailored workout plans, ensuring accountability, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Busy Professionals

  • Why: Balancing work, personal life, and self-care is challenging. An Action Partner assists in optimizing time management and setting realistic priorities.
  • How: Effective time-blocking, stress management strategies, and maintaining a work-life balance.

Individuals Seeking Personal Development

  • Why: Those aiming for self-improvement and personal growth benefit from guidance in establishing and achieving meaningful goals.
  • How: Customized plans for self-discovery, skill-building, and continuous personal development.
  • Weekly

    Our Week-to-Week Action Partner Program is tailored for individuals who crave ongoing support with the flexibility of purchasing on a weekly basis.

    Best For:

    • Busy Professionals: Juggling work and personal life? This program adapts to your schedule, providing consistent daily guidance without overwhelming commitments.
    • Goal Seekers: Whether it's personal growth, habit formation, or project completion, this program is designed for those with specific objectives in mind.

    Why You Need It:

    • Consistent Progress: Daily check-ins ensure you stay on track, breaking down larger goals into manageable steps, fostering consistent progress.
    • Adaptability: Life is dynamic, and so is this program. It adjusts to your evolving needs, providing continuous daily support through life's twists and turns.


    • Flexibility: No long-term commitment. Purchase week-to-week based on your needs, allowing you to tailor the program to fit seamlessly into your life.
    • Unlimited Daily Support: Throughout the week, enjoy unrestricted daily support. Got a quick question or need a motivational boost? I'm here, providing ongoing encouragement and assistance.

    This Week-to-Week Action Partner Program is your personalized journey to overcoming obstacles, achieving milestones, and embracing positive change. Let's navigate the path together, ensuring you consistently move toward your goals.

  • Monthly

    Our Month-to-Month Action Partner Program is crafted for individuals who desire consistent support with the convenience of purchasing on a monthly basis.

    Best For:

    • Long-Term Goals: If your objectives require a more extended commitment, the monthly program is ideal for individuals aiming for comprehensive and sustained progress.
    • Holistic Development: This program suits those looking for continuous, all-encompassing support to address various aspects of their personal or professional life.

    Why You Need It:

    • Comprehensive Support: Monthly check-ins ensure a deep dive into your goals, providing a holistic and sustained approach to overcoming challenges and fostering growth.
    • Strategic Planning: With a monthly structure, we can develop and refine strategic plans, setting milestones and adapting strategies for optimal long-term results.


    • Consistent Relationship Building: Monthly engagements allow for a more in-depth understanding of your journey, building a strong and lasting partnership for effective support.
    • Extended Strategy Sessions: Enjoy extended strategic planning sessions, allowing for more comprehensive goal-setting and detailed action plans to achieve your long-term objectives.

    This Month-to-Month Action Partner Program is your tailored journey to sustained progress, strategic planning, and holistic development. Let's navigate this ongoing path together, ensuring you achieve enduring success in your endeavors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Action Partner program unique?

Our program is tailored exclusively to you, offering personalized check-ins, accountability, and unlimited support. It's not just a service; it's a dynamic partnership designed for your success.

How often do we have check-ins, and can I customize the schedule?

Check-in frequency is flexible and determined collaboratively based on your needs and preferences. We prioritize a schedule that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

What types of goals or projects can an Action Partner help me with?w

From building habits and tackling projects to navigating life changes, an Action Partner is your ally in any personal or professional endeavor. We're here to help you achieve what matters most to you.

Is the support unlimited, even between scheduled check-ins?

Absolutely. Between our scheduled check-ins, you have unrestricted access to support. Whether it's a quick question, a motivational boost, or a challenge you're facing, we're here to assist you every step of the way.

How does the customization process work for my unique goals?

Our initial connect involves understanding your aspirations, challenges, and preferences. Together, we create a customized plan that aligns with your objectives, ensuring our partnership is tailored to your journey. You will receive your customized Action Plan, including a Check-In schedule, and then the action starts.

What if I'm unsure about my goals or where to start?

No worries. We specialize in helping you clarify your goals and develop a roadmap for success. We'll work together to identify your priorities, actionable items and set achievable milestones.

How long is the typical engagement for the Action Partner program?

The program duration is flexible and depends on your needs and goals. By offering Weekly and Monthly programs, you can choose an initial length that feels good for you. We offer recurring plans for all clients to suit your needs as they change.

Can I sign up for the Action Partner program if I'm located in a different time zone?

Absolutely! We accommodate clients from various time zones. Our flexible scheduling and virtual support ensure accessibility, regardless of your geographical location. We take your timezone into account when building our Action Plan and Check-In schedule.

What results can I expect from the Action Partner program?

The program is designed for tangible, sustainable results. Expect increased productivity, clarity of purpose, and a proactive mindset as you take more consistent, prioritized action.

How do I get started with the Action Partner program?

It's simple! Choose your package (Weekly or Monthly) and we will schedule our Initial Connect. From there, we will discuss your objectives, customize a plan, and kickstart your transformative journey.

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