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Hi Friends, Ryan here - the mastermind behind this corner of the internet. So who the hell am I? Fundamentally, I would consider myself an explorer, an adventurer... more concretely, I am an athlete, an advocate, an entrepreneur and an action taker (and alliteration pro??).

I started Gymnastics at the age of 3, competitive at 9, and competing with the National Team at 11. Now, a young 30, I am an athlete, a survivor of abuse in sport, an advocate for other athletes, and passionate about the power of taking action.

The story of Ryan, for the first 25 or so years, is the summarized in the power of avoiding or filling a void. I knew Gymnastics was likely my way out of a city that I didn't belong in - a queer, creative kid. I moved to Edmonton at 16 to pursue training more seriously, and in a shock to no one, it did not solve all of my problems nor fill the void.

I started the process of reporting the abuse I experienced as a teenager in Gymnastics in 2019. Later that year, my best friend passed away of cancer. Three weeks after her celebration of life in early 2020, the world shut down. Everything that kept me busy, the hamster wheel of filling the void was suddenly gone and I was alone with my thoughts, the life I had created and wreckage I had avoided.

I have come to learn recently was that the void I was trying to fill with results, achievements, money, success was my own story - the story that bad things happened to me and that their impact was deep, heavy and widespread. Anything that could potentially be a new, better, bigger story than the adversity was good enough for me to latch onto.

Now, my focus is on reconnecting with my version of an ordinary life without the chaos and consistent crisis, finding some healing in still doing Gymnastics, advocating for other athletes against an often cruel system, and helping others who felt stuck like I did - whether in business or life - through my design and action business.

"I still struggle with vigilance. Who would I be if I wasn't vigilant all the time. I want to meet them." - Chanel Miller

And that's what my little corner of the internet is - half rebuilding my own life, trying to meet that person I know I am on the other side of being stuck and vigilant. The other half being in service to others - helping other athletes navigate a complex sport system, informing and mobilizing sport participants to prevent the next athlete from maltreatment, and helping other humans take action in their own lives - all of the things I wish I had five years ago.

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