Things I love about my Personal Brand Website (2023)

Things I love about my Personal Brand Website (2023)

A simple breakdown of my Homepage/Landing Page:


What is your motivation behind your Personal Brand?


The key to any #PersonalBrand is authenticity and storytelling. For me, my website encapsulates who I am - a simple aesthetic, full of stories, and down to earth. From top to bottom, the goal of my website is to tell my brand story.


1. A high level “who am I?” - an athlete, an advocate, an entrepreneur. If someone never scrolls, they will get a sense of who I am from the copy, photos and aesthetic.


2. Who am I - detailed - a longer description of who I am, my story and what I offer. Here I also link to my about page for clients, press, etc. that want the full story.


3. My stories (my blog) - next is my collection of stories and adventures. Next to knowing who I am at a high level, my stories are the way to connect me and my audience. To me, this connection is above any services I sell.


4. Next is my Design & Strategy section with two clear options - a client can book their project, or they check out the services I offer.


5. Flippin’ Shop & TS Telecom are my two other business projects - they are easy to click on for those looking for those specific links, but ultimately do not need to take up mental space for current or future clients.


6. 7 Adventures is my new project and program - I included a little description so potential clients understand what it is and what they will receive, as well as a button to Join.


7. Last, and most importantly, is a sign up for my e-mail list and a super simple way to get ahold of me.


How to decide what to include on yours?


The key to any great Personal Brand website is priorities.


Top of the page: what is your call-to-action, what do you want clients to do? If they don't scroll, what feeling, aesthetic, and information do you want them to have?


Flow: what is the most important information or sections do you need to include to A) tell your story most efficiently, B) get the clients what they need?


Simplicity: I always say - less is more. Less sections, less photos, less copy. If you feel you haven't explained yourself well, then start over. Every single piece on a website needs to serve the purpose of telling your story. If you were to give an elevator pitch about yourself or your brand, what would that include? Include THAT and a way to contact you on your homepage, and nothing else.





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