Hi, I'm Ryan.

As a National Gymnast, Advocate, Designer, and your dedicated Action Partner, I extend a warm welcome to my corner of the woods. This space is crafted to be a gentle landing spot for you – a realm of authenticity, humor, and vulnerability, offering tangible actions for you to embrace.

Take a moment to explore the services I offer, whether it's advocacy work, partnering with me as your Action Partner, or engaging in a web design journey. Each service reflects my commitment to fostering positive change and providing valuable support.

Should you be ready to embark on a transformative journey, I'm eager to connect and listen to your story. If the timing isn't quite right, feel free to peruse the blog or social media for both entertainment and, hopefully, some inspiration. Join me on this journey of growth and progress, as I navigate the same path actively and passionately.

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  • Advocacy

    As a passionate advocate with lived experience, Ryan co-founded Gymnasts for Change Canada. Through this initiative and his ongoing commitment, he has launched the Next Athlete campaign, dedicated to providing education on preventing maltreatment in sport. Join Ryan in fostering positive change and championing a safe and supportive environment for athletes.

    Next Athlete Project 
  • Design

    Is your brand or business feeling a bit stuck? Let's work together to shake things up with a new website that speaks authentically to who you are. At Ryan Sheehan Design, we understand budgets and individual needs. Let's embark on this journey together, creating a website that not only fits your pocket but also captures the essence of your unique story. Let's break through together and give your brand the space to breathe and grow.

    Web Design 
  • Action

    Our Action Partner programs are more than services; they're tailored experiences for you. Whether you're stuck or reaching for new heights, I'm here to be your ally. Let's navigate your goals together, fostering a connection that goes beyond accountability. This is your journey, and I'm here to support your unique story, challenges, and aspirations. If you're ready to take action, let's connect. Your transformative journey starts here.

    Action Programs 

How we got here

Embarking on gymnastics at 3, it became my enduring love. By 11, international competitions fueled my passion for exploration. In 2019, confronting past gymnastics abuse coincided with the loss of my best friend to cancer. In 2020, the world halted, forcing me to confront a life spent filling an unfillable void.

The past 5 years were about survival, self-discovery amid crises, envisioning a future self. Today, while "someday" might not feel fully realized, it begins now. This journey underscores the importance of storytelling, self-advocacy, and service.

In parallel, my services—be it as your Action Partner, in Web Design, or Advocacy—emanate from these themes. This chapter marks the intersection of putting myself first, healing, and extending support to others. Welcome to a space where stories converge, voices resonate, and collective healing is both embraced and facilitated.

Years ago, I learned that my archetype is the Explorer - a relentless pursuer of learning about myself and the world, offering and inspiring others freedom through my own experiences.

I hope my experiences, my stories, my services are helpful in some capacity. If it doesn't feel right to take action quite yet, no one understands that more than I do. Feel free to consume, enjoy, and relate (or not - I can be a kook!). When the time does feel right, I hope to inspire others to action in their lives, see the value of their stories, and want to meet the person we know we can be in this world.

My Story

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