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  • March 25, 2016

Day Two was great. We spent the day in Whistler, after starting it at the BW Breakfast. It took just over two hours, on a relatively sketchy highway considering how many people drive it. The drive was super nice though and the weather held up for the most part. We didn’t do a whole lot besides eat and walk around the village.


I was anticipating some combination between Jasper and a city, and that’s what it was. I love the architecture down there and I absolutely love the lifestyle – I think that would be the perfect atmosphere to train it – beautiful, relaxed, everything within walking distance, other things to do, etc. – it’s seriously perfect. We went to a restaurant called the Warehouse for lunch and everything on the menu is 5 dollars but the food was really good as well. It was a neato experience. We got ice cream afterwards, mine in a sprinkle cone because I’m watching my figure. The ladies at the ice cream place recommended we go ice skating so that’s all the convincing we needed.


The skating rinks and skates were as sketchy as ever, and with the nice weather, the ice was puddly. My feet were killing me after about 10 minutes so I called it quits but my feet felt the aftermath for about 4 hours. We didn’t want to drive back into Vancouver during rush hour so we drove out to Pemberton, which turns out has absolutely nothing to do. We saw a ranch on the side of the road that said you could ride horses so we drove in, saw their golf course and knocked on the door of the ranch house but no one was there. No horse riding for us. As we were driving back, Dillon from Gymnastics Canada asked if we wanted to meet up for lunch, so we did.


Lunch was good – we had it at the Brewhouse, but not the same kind of Brewhouse we have in AB. We drove home after that – we were all pooped, and the drive back was even more nice with the sun setting. There really isn’t a bad view up here!


onto the next!