where to next? SEPT16

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  • September 16, 2016

where to next? the age old question.


Call me obsessed, but I always know where my next (or three) trips are going to be. Obnoxious? Sure. Ambitious? Of course. I am trying to be more responsible – aka, travel less and figure life out a bit more, but at the end of day, I dream of where travels will take me next. I am also trying to choose more carefully – picking places I REALLY want to go, things I REALLY want to do, and things I REALLY want to try.


I’ve narrowed next year travels into a few categories – long weekend, short but expensive, longer and reasonable.


Long weekend is a 3-5 day-er. Somewhere close, easy to get to and get home from. Somewhere interesting, but days without jet lag. While I never thought I’d be the type to “jet away” for the weekend, I think it’s a great option given my lifestyle. If I want to be a great athlete and a successful entrepreneur, I can’t take weeks off after every meet (even if I could afford it…). I also never thought that this list would be so long and I’d be so excited to explore it.


I think there is something special when you know you have a limited amount of time in a certain place. You have to prioritize your interests and you have no time to waste. When Mel and I have travelled through Europe, we spend just a few days (sometimes less) in every city; if we like it, we know we’ll go back, and if we don’t like it, we saw what we needed.


Short but expensive is the most interesting category. If I have some time off after a meet, or in between meets, this is where “short but expensive” comes into play. This category is max 7 or 8 days, and really makes my time worth while (in theory – none of these have actually been tested). This is the trip where anything goes, try different things, hotels, food, whatever. I also have these planned with VERY specific things in mind – Wine, Trains, Spa, whatever it may be – I really want to pick something specific and get EVERYTHING I want out of it.


Longer/Reasonable(ish) is just about every trip I’ve taken. I like visiting lots of places and I never want to be bored. The more I travel, the more I like this way and then wherever I like, goes into the Short/Expensive category for further exploration. I used to be the type of person that would travel as long as I could on the least amount of money to make the adventures last forever. But as I’ve “matured” and have visited some sketchy places, I know that I do like some luxury here and there. I know that I hate public transportation or taking long trains without a bed. These luxuries cost ya, so this trip is a balance between enjoying myself and making it last.


I am planning the Long/Reasonable for later in the year, after a big peak or when I get a big break. This bad boy of a trip is min. 2 weeks, max. NEVER. Next year I’m hoping to drag the family along for a bit of it, so I think we will visit some new, interesting places, but I really want to take them to places that I have fallen in love with. My parents and sister haven’t travelled a lot, and I need them to catch the bug; it’s the best.

Without further ado, the list!

Next Weekend Getaway: PORTLAND, Oregon

I don’t know much about Portland beyond it’s amazing coffee shops and hipster crowd, so naturally, I’M IN. I love, love, LOVE coffee, and coffee shops, and I have a list a mile long to visit. It’s close to Edmonton (compared to Europe or the Middle East), so it’s an easier weekend away. It’s relaxing, pretty, interesting and I can meet some fellow Hipsters.


Next ShortLux trip: Swanky European Train Trip

I’ve been obsessed with old, luxury train trips forever (especially since the most recent Sherlock Holmes series) and it blows my mind that they still exist. I want to do the Trans-Siberian Railway which is partially amazing and terrifying. I’ve also been looking through high-end ones through Europe – like Paris to Budapest, or my favorite at the moment – Paris, Budapest, Bucharest, Istanbul. The best part beyond the adorably pretentious cars, are the lux-ass tours you get in each city.


Next Long/Reasonable: Euro Island/Beach + Budapest

I L O V E Budapest, and can’t wait to go back. It’s #1 on the return-to list, and bring-my-family-to list. We went in the middle of August and it was hot as shit, but given the hills and river, Autumn would be amazing. They have a Fashion-Week and I would love to go.


There’s also a bunch of islands in Europe that I haven’t been to that really get me excited – Cyprus, Malta, Formentera, Madeira – and also a bunch of watery towns – Cinque Terre, Lake Balaton, Varna, Geneva. I don’t know how easily it is to get from one to the next (it can’t be easy) but I’m cool to visit some neat-o places along the way!


So that’s what next. I would love for it to be next year. I have a plan in my head to make it work, but who the hell knows! I’ll hit some of them for sure!