Week Highlights

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  • February 4, 2018


Training has been going well since being back from GP full-time. It really was an adjustment to full training, conditioning, everything from the last few months of inconsistency. I noticed, especially this week, I was done by Friday. Part of me was grumpy and tired (that part was outward), but I was honestly so happy to be back doing what I want and what I love. We have our first meet of the year coming up in a weeks in Red Deer. I’m excited to get back out there and do some new routines, but also trying to pace myself for the year. I’m excited to see my kids compete as well. It will be the first meet that we are all working together and I’m excited to see all of their hard work start to pay off! I was just going through the gym iPad on Friday looking at videos of my kids and myself from September and we have ALL come a long ways; even though some days it doesn’t feel like it. I am grateful and excited!


Ugh, my new fave place. I had always complained that there wasn’t a cute little cafe by the gym that I could stop at on the way; I mean, I love Starbucks, but I love an artsy cafe more. I drive the same way to the gym everyday and a couple months ago I noticed a sign for a new cafe and I had already decided I was going to love it. It’s called Brown Butter Cafe and I had my eye on it forever. It felt like it took a year for them to open, but when I got back from Spain in October they were open! I went it – it’s cool, minimal, sleek – I love the vibe. I asked when they opened and they said 7 weeks ago… clearly I’m great at paying attention; I could’ve sworn they had literally opened that day.

I saw online that they had “weird but good” cinnamon buns. I looked at the menu and the array of buns were indeed weird. I tried the cinnamon bun AND THEY ARE AMAZING. #NoRegrets. They are different, but fantastic. So I obviously blab to anyone that will listen about these buns and now everyone at the gym is finally catching on.

So this Wednesday, I hauled my sore body to Brown Butter for a couple hours of work and peace. It’s my fave. The coffee is great, the vibe is chill, and the aesthetic is perfect. It’s an extra little pick-me-up when you need it.

Sad Weather

I was destined to live in Barcelona – or anywhere warm, with a city and a beach, but I live in Edmonton, so ha-ha to me. This Winter has been overall pretty good, but this week we got dumped on pretty hard. Cold and snowy. While I hate driving in this weather (I took this picture after Spin on Monday, downtown), it does make for some nice scenery. Gotta make the best of it, right?


By Friday I was done with life and human interaction so I decided Saturday was for whatever I wanted to do without feeling guilty. I spent the morning laying in bed watching the Trixie and Katya Show (it’s hysterical; highly recommend). In the afternoon, I went to see I, Tonya. IT WAS GOOD, you should see it. It was shot weird – interview style and a regular storyline, but it totally gives you a different perspective on the incident, while not making you feel bad for her. After the movie, I went Thrift Shopping because it’s literally my favourite past-time. I bought this jazzy number above – and I love it. A VV BOUTIQUE SLAM DUNK, if you will (VV Boutique = Value Village). Anyone that thinks they are too good for a thrifty adventure is a loser (cue Donald Trump voice). After VV, I went to Home Sense looking for an accent chair. I’ve lived in this Condo for a year (as of this week) and I don’t even have a chair for my living room still because I’m too picky. I thought yesterday was going to be the day, but I just bought an Ottoman. It’s adorable – it’s in the photo below. But I still need a chair.


Sunday’s (after training) are for me to be a total of piece of crap, if I choose to be. Today, I semi-chose to be! I cracked out the old (it’s pretty new; maybe 3 years) Record Player and bopped to some Empire of the Sun whilst avoiding cleaning. I have to actually clean today though. This week is busy and I can assure you that I do not clean during the week. I have a couple furniture projects to do today too; and I want to get ahead on some work tonight.

This week is pretty normal (by my life’s standard). I have a Physio follow up tomorrow morning, I have to pick up my “Dinners” that I am getting pre-made now (diva, I know!), train and coach all week, prep for competition in a couple weeks, and yeah. It’s a glamorous life people. Now I’m off to live my best life!