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Had a great weekend + 2.5 days in Vancouver!

Coaching all weekend was long, but the vacation afterwards was well worth it. Got to see lot’s of old gym friends, which I super appreesh!

Sunday night after the meet, I changed out of my awful tracksuit and headed down to the water at Lonsdale Quay which was a cute little market, we got denied for pedicures and had dinner at the Jaegerhoff and got some delish Schnitzel – tres authentic.

Day One we did the “Grouse Grind” which was, arguably, the worst experience of my life. I claimed “interval training” for my 12 seconds of climbing followed by 20 minute breaks. I was told that it was going to be fun, and it was awful. The view at the top was amazing, but was it worth the hike? uhhhhhhhhhhhh. We went out for lunch on Marine Drive which was cute and had great food, followed by Ice Cream in Horseshoe Bay (beautiful). Spontaneously, there was a boat rental place so we rented a boat, that we had to drive. It was absolutely ridiculous. Driving out of the Marina was a stressful experience but it was so fun once we were out there. I guess there aren’t any laws to drives boats in BC because I ain’t qualified! We got to see huge houses on the water, and the highlight was seeing wild Seals a couple feet away from the boat. It was a a lot of fun!¬†We had dinner on Hastings Street, and went a had a fire at a friends house. All good fun.


The next morning, we did a Bike ride around the Sea Wall of Stanley Park Downtown. It was a medium work-out that I super appreciated over the Grind. Downtown is beautiful and the weather was amazing, and it was nice to be on a bike again! We went for lunch in English Bay right on the water (beautiful) where I naturally got a ridiculous Farmers Tan/Burn. It wouldn’t be a Vacation without one. I got 2 divine cupcakes afterwards from Cupcakes (which had a reality show in Canada for a couple years that I watched every frame of). We went shopping/making fun of clothes for a bit and took the Sky Train back from DT. That night we had dinner at a friends and played Cards Against Humanity which just tickles your soul.


I stayed in Maple Ridge, which HOT TIP: it’s in the middle of nowhere. So the next morning I had to get to the airport so I booked a Cab online the night before as a responsible human being. I woke up to an e-mail saying that Maple Ridge is too far out and they weren’t coming. So I had to call the only Cab Service in Maple Ridge and the first review said “they’re irreliable and if they don’t pick you up, you’re stranded” so I was a crapping my pants. I got ahold of them and ordered one but I hadn’t packed or gotten ready so I had a 7 minute window to do all of that, check out and meet the cab – which I did… EARLY! It was a solid 45 minute Cab ride to the train station through awful traffic, 2 30-45 minute Train Rides (which I almost puked on) and finally got to the airport.


At home now, training today!