vanCITY ’17

vanCITY '17

I spent the first half of last week in the Grandest of Prairies helping with various things. After a little re-shuffling, I came back to Edmonton Thursday morning instead of Wednesday night. I landed at 7am Thursday (it was a gross 4:30am wake up call) and had 12 hours until my flight to Vancouver. I did laundry, got some food, unpacked and repacked, and headed back to the airport for Westerns. Update: I flew enough last year to get some good perks with Air Canada so sitting at the airport is infinitely less tedious. And after looking at my schedule for the rest of the year, this year is looking pretty good for some perks as well. Anywho, I landed in Vancouver and I was told to take a cab, but it was going to be over $100 so I decided to take the train. IT TOOK FOREVER. Literally an hour and a half. I got off the train, had to walk like 2 blocks to the hotel in my GD loafers with no backs (bad walking shoes), arrived at the hotel to check in and they had told us the wrong hotel. So another judge had to come pick me up and bring me to the right hotel. So day one was not good. I judged all weekend and it went well. I haven’t judged an entire weekend in forever so it was fun/exhausting. By Sunday night I was pooped.

Sunday night I went out for dinner with some friends down by the water at LIFT. The food was exceptional, the dinner was hilarious. We were seated beside 6 Sugar Babies. If you don’t know what a Sugar Baby is, Google it. It’s a 10/10. They were ridiculous and hilarious and almost picked a fight with us. Monday I hung out for a bit, I was tired, and then took the train downtown and walked from Commercial to Main Street, and then to Granville. I met up with a friend in Granville and we went for dinner at Olympic Village. Another good dinner + company! Tuesday, I biked the SeaWall with a friend which was fun – I did it the last time I was in Van, and then went Canoe-ing for the first time ever with some friends in the afternoon. I went in with a bad attitude but it was actually a lot of fun! We went downtown for an amateur comedy show that night, which was also hilarious. Wednesday, we went to Second Beach Pool down by the water, which was amazing. We went to Tacofino for lunch which was the best tacos I’ve ever had – highly, highly recommend. We went out Wednesday night and I came home Thursday! So back to business now! Will give a semi-life update soon!