van ONE

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  • March 23, 2016

Van day one was a blast. We started the day having breakfast at the BW (Best Western, for those of you who haven’t had the privilege of hearing me talking about the BW) and then headed in the direction of the Aquarium – #1 on my list of things to do because no one ever wants to go with me to anything animal related. It’s spring break here so parking was a nightmare and so was the amount of kids there. I hate them all.


Overall it was really fun, but smaller than I had anticipated. We watched the Beluga show, which I had high hopes for. They were dashed almost immediately. The lady explaining everything said to give the Beluga’s a pass because they have too much blubber and extra weight to do big tricks – to which I thought “have you seen me do Trampoline? So shut up Trainer Keely.” The Beluga’s were neat though minus their literal zero tricks – it ain’t that impressive that they can show me their flipper, I want to see you jump through a hoop, Mrs. Beluga.


The Jellyfish exhibit was probably my favorite because they had a bunch of different types – most were gross looking, but they took cool pictures.


After the zoo, we drove around Stanley park a bit and it was amazing. We went up to North Van to see Tamara’s grandparents and then went to Granville Island for a bit. I haven’t been to Granville since 2005 ( my first Nationals) so my perception of it then and now has certainly changed, but it was still cool. Very artsy.


We went out for dinner and a bev later on with some old gym friends and it’s always fun.


onto the next!