Van Day 3

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  • March 25, 2016

Another day started off early, getting picked up by my old friend Megan and we headed downtown for breakfast. It was a quaint/artsy/sketchy little place called Yolks and the food was amazing. They have a bunch of different options for eggs (if that is what you are into – I am not) so I got the waffles and they were out of control good.


Megan dropped me off at a gallery that my friend works at – Winsor Gallery, so I got to see the exhibits they had on, and then I walked around Main Street for a little bit. The weather was awful so I got tired of walking around pretty quick, but it was nice to be down by the water. I got to see the Science Centre and the Stadium, which was neat. We out for lunch at some little diner that was divey but super good. I skytrained back to Coquitlam and had a nap. Tamara picked me up for a late lunch and we headed to her school. I got some work done while she was in class, which was nice and was a throwback to the ol’ school days.


We all went out to Roosters that night which was interesting. The crowd was ridiculous and there really weren’t a lot of people there, but we had a lot of fun – LIKE WE ALWAYS DO.


That was my Vancouver adventure, and now I am off to GP for Easter!