Valley Zoo afternoon

A couple weeks ago, Mel and I visited the Valley Zoo, which is one of my favorite #yeg attractions. The weather was beginning to be somewhat cooperative, so my annual Zoo trip was upon us.

Lot’s of animals weren’t out yet, because summer for us (Albertans) and summer for hot-climate animals aren’t the same apparently – whatever.

Here some photos from the adventure. t’was a lot of fun, and looking forward to going again this summer when some more animals are out.

The zoo is being completely redone; I know the Valley Zoo has a bad rap, but it’s actually a great place to visit. Lot’s of renovations are being done, and lot’s of new exhibits – with lot’s of educational features (the Arctic exhibit is great! Apparently we are supposed to get Polar Bears and Beluga Whales – word the street!).

My next purchase is going to be one of Lucy’s (the sole Elephant at the zoo) original paintings! I think it’s a neat piece of Edmonton history, a cool piece of art and supporting a great cause.