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  • July 30, 2016

I’m pitching a slogan to Valencia that I can hopefully cash in on some royalties later: Valencia, the Hipster Capital of the World. It’s been fairly unanimous lately that I’m a Hipster even though I don’t think I am one, but if Valencia is for Hipsters than I’m a Hipster because I’m in love.

We stayed in the Old Town, in a cute little apartment that was kind of dumpy (like every other place we stayed – I booked every AirBnB and did a literal shitty job and I don’t even know how but every place was like a 3/10). The shower floor was wood planks and it was maj weird. I didn’t know what to make of it and I assume I have the West Nile Virus of trees now (I’m basically a scientist so I know this is a real thing).

I loved Valencia for two very distinct reasons compared to all other cities.

  1. There’s a million restaurants (not a special feature) but every restaurant, bar or café has legitimate interior design. Not one restaurant was a dump. Every side street, main street, café attached to a museum was done up in it’s own little hipster vibe. Gold Star #1.
  2. The city is super old obvi, but the amount of modern architecture is insane and every building is an architectural masterpiece – with the perfect combination of history and modernization – not too much of either. Every building at the aquarium was super modern and was a piece of art – it was insane. Hipster’s must have money I guess – so that’s another reason why I’m not one.

Day One was chill, and we spent it around the apartment in the old town, and we explored at night. We found the main square in the Old Town (we think) that had some gorgeous buildings, a church and a big fountain. There were a million restaurants around with cute little patios and people playing music for money which was amazing. We walked through some side streets, where you never knew what was around the corner – a modern bungalow, an 8 story Cathedral, a ground level pond that was actually the roof to the underground archelogy museum, WHO THE FREAK KNEW!

Day Two we committed hard and then regretted it times a million. We started at the Central Market which was by our place even though we got lost on the way there. They had food only but had an unlimited selection of fresh juice – so we got like 42 each. There really aren’t any main streets, just endless side streets so it was tough to find anything we were looking for. We wanted to go towards the beach, so we found the main park and followed it (with a churro stop along the way). The park was super nice and big and the weather was super hot. As we got closer to the water, we ran into the Art and Science buildings – which are museums, but the main architectural pieces of the city. They were much larger than the photos had made them out to be and there were many, many more than we expected. We paid 30 euros to get into the aquarium and it was actually quite good. The penguin exhibit was a little sad and I didn’t like it, but they had a ton of aquariums and tunnels you could go through. One of the them green eels and it is exactly what nightmares are made of – I love animals but these were the scum of the earth. We topped of the Aquarium with the Dolphin show. I don’t like Dolphin shows or Dolphinariums but we were already there. They had a good video about taking care of nature, but they also fed everyone some BS on why Dolphins in captivity were fine which I was happy to point out all of the flaws. There were 7 dolhpins in the show and one of them was so jenky and could not do any of the tricks on time – it was amazing. He would literally leave every command 5 seconds later than all of the other dolphins and then show up 15 seconds late to do it. He was our favorite. We was also siginifcantly darker than all of the other Dolphins so we was easily identifiable. They did a routine to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift and then they did this Dolphin/Trainer make out sesh to 1000 Years by Christina Perri that made me feel like I needed to leave and give them a moment alone. Overall 6/10.

We got mad lost on the way back, and the GPS couldn’t find us. We had dinner – which I also discovered by new favorite dish – Patatas Bravas – which is fried potatoes in creamy, garlic, cheese sauce and it’s life changing in a very negative way if you want maintain any of your health. But I had it with every meal, and I’m not sorry. We decided to get all dolled up and head to the main sqaure to enjoy the ambiance and some Sangria which was delish on every level.

Day Two we got juice at the market, walked around and shopped a bit – we stumbled across the High Street in every city this trip – it’s like I have a spidey sense for nice things (and Hard Rock Cafes, and Starbucks). If I had a nickel for every Hermes shop I saw on this trip, I’d have like 30 cents so that would make a dent (literally no dent) in an Hermes scarf.

My flight was at 6am, so I ordered my cab for 3:45am which is absolutely disgusting and I slept like garbage that night too, and the cherry on top is the 22 hours of travelling ahead of me.

But for cereal, I had a really great trip and I feel like I come home motivated, refreshed and with a better perspective on life and myself every time I travel. I am really grateful for all of these opportunities and experiences. There are a few more competitions on the calendar this year but I do not think I am going to do them – rather focus on training for next year. These couple of competitions were not my best showing, I am not where I want to be and I need to get there. I am humbled by this whole experience, and I am looking forward to the next adventure, wherever or whenveer it is!