Vacation 2018 pt. 1

Life is good!

I write these adventures from the comfort of my single bed in Las Palmas, Spain, so life is good.

This “vacay” started with a lil drive to Calgary to see my favorite human, Kathy Griffin. It lived up to every single thing I expected. I dragged Jenn along and Kathy did over 3 hour straight. For those of you who don’t know her, she’s the one that did the infamous Trump Head photo but I’ve loved her for years. I find her hilarious, honest and a hard worker. She told us about her 2-month federal investigation after the photo, a hilarious story of meeting Wayne Gretzky (I mean, the Canadians soaked that in) and her funny run-ins with other celebs. She was INCREDIBLE.

I had to leave early to go to the airport, headed for Regina. My kids competed the weekend at Western Canada Cup, and whilst it was a long weekend, it was great. I love seeing my kids improve and their hard work pay off. The categories for girls in the younger levels are so full and the level is so high, it’s hard. The boys categories have significantly less numbers. Two of my girls made their first final ever – after 2 full years of competing and it was so awesome. They all handled it so well and all those long days are worth it.

Monday, Danni and I left for Vancouver (for half a day) and then to Las Palmas which is the capital of the Canary Islands off the coast of Spain. But we will save that for another post!

So, to sum up, Calgary and Regina were a great jumping off point for this vacation!

Talk to you soon,