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USANA is the bees knees of Health Sciences. USANA offers vitamins, supplements, as well as a food and skincare line – with the highest quality manufacturing and standards possible. USANA offers only pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements, compared to vitamins you find in a grocery store that are only food grade. Think about the standards it takes to make a can of beans – the manufacturing, the accuracy of the label, compared to the standard of making Advil or NyQuil – that is the difference between Food Grade and Pharmaceutical Grade supplements!

In today’s day and age, even with the perfect diet, we are still missing nutrients. We all do our best to eat great, but supplementation is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity! USANA offers a great variety of products that suits all ages, lifestyles and ailments. My favorite part of USANA is the science behind what they offer – everything has a purpose and every little bit helps you live better. Don’t we all deserve the best?

My Favorite USANA Products

The Essentials are a Multi Mineral and Antioxidant perfectly formulated to target General Health.

Vitamin D is an Essential for those who live in Canada, especially in the North!

Procosa is another Essential for me – offering Glucosamine, it helps support joint health!

If you have any questions regarding USANA products or business, please contact me at rs@ryansheehan.ca .