this week

business as usual

took a couple days off so my ankle and brain can re focus on what’s next. Training this week went well – did less on the Tumbling than usual as per my ankle saying nooooo. Working mainly on some new combinations, new skills and harder routines. There is a lot of work to do! We got a new gym iPad to watch our training – I stole some videos so maybe that will be next weeks post! We are working on reconfiguring my strength, conditioning, etc. to see what needs to be adjusted now that I’ve made some significant progress at it. That’s about it for the summary. It’s the long weekend, so today (Saturday) I went and ran the Fox Drive Stairs. It was not fun, but it was nice to work out outside for the first time in like 8 months. Those are probably my favorite stairs in the city – minus the gal sitting in the middle of them with a selfie stick for 20 minutes. Read the room, it ain’t a place to sit honey.

Outside of the gym, I have booked the rest of my exams for my degree so I will be done in less than a month. This morning I had an Oral Exam over the phone and it went well, so finishing all of this crap is the current priority. Beyond school, I am working on a new biz project that I am very excited about. I hope to share it in the next couple months – just working out some details and making sure the idea is feasible!