Things that I am THANKFUL for

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  • October 11, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Training has been great lately – ankle is feeling good. The parents are driving down to Edmonton right now and we are all heading to Calgary tomorrow for the weekend. No traditional Turkey this year, we are going to a Brazilian Steakhouse instead and I’m so jazzed!

So I have been making a mental list all week of things that I am thankful for; family, friends, health, the usual, but here is a list of atypical things I am thankful for that I wouldn’t necessarily have been thankful for last year…

-Knowing that I am growing up and making better decisions
-the Humility resulting from people spelling my last name “SheeNan”
-waking up with a purpose (most days!)
-the overwhelming support from friends, family and strangers lately
-Not being stuck “in my ways” – meaning thankful for being youthful and adventurous
-for living in a country where we are only limited by our own dreams – Where’s the saying “the Canadian dream”?
-Safety and security, on a small and large scale
-Good and Bad role models in my life – What I want to and don’t want to be
-The Bad Times; it makes the Good Times so much sweeter.

Here are the few off the top of my head – I’ll keep updating throughout the weekend!



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