taking stock MAY

what’s the 411, what’s the hot gossip?

Making : a vision board – been in the process for a few months and I think it’s time tackle it
Cooking : a treatza pizza – Oreo edish
Drinking : Pinot Noir, it’s been a long month.
Reading: Becoming a Supple Leopard (yes, this is real)
Wanting: to stop and smell the roses
Looking: at what’s next
Playing: when I can!
Deciding: what is the next step, how to get to the next level
Wishing: happiness + health for all!
Enjoying: the small victories and the housewives.
Waiting: to become patient.
Liking: summer vibes
Wondering: how people to do it all?
Loving: that every now and then, it does feel like it is all coming together.
Pondering: how to travel, have a career and be an athlete
Considering: should I buy a new coffee machine?
Buying: too many clothes #superclassic
Watching: housewives, ultimate fighter, Chelsea on Netflix
Hoping: for the best
Marvelling: at how cool the world is beyond your front step.
Cringing: people’s behaviours
Needing: 50 more hours in the day
Questioning: how much money is enough?
Smelling: RAIN
Wearing: a full sweatsuit because it’s 1999 somewhere.
Following: CNN – EgyptAir flight
Noticing: it’s hard to have it all | hard work pays off
Knowing: it’ll all come together eventually
Thinking: why can’t it all come together now?
Admiring: tenacity, ambition
Sorting: through everything I have accumulated over the years – less is more
Getting: anxious for what’s next
Bookmarking: new blogs everyday!
Coveting: the perfect bungalow
Disliking: the days I feel ungrateful
Opening: a new chapter
Giggling: memes
Feeling: happy, grateful, anxious, ambitious.
Snacking: chips if i coulldddddddd
Helping: KidSport next!
Hearing: chaos outside my house aka construction.