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  • August 2, 2017

it’s my favorite activity, vacationing.

This year I decided to jam all the vacations into one go. Nationals had just finished in Oshawa, Ontario (Toronto adjacent), so I stayed after to visit some friends.

I love Toronto, although Vancouver is my new fave Canadian destination. Toronto ain’t got the ocean, alright? I’ve been to Toronto several times, but I’ve always stayed with friends so I never really do tourist-y things. We got back into TO late the Sunday evening after Nationals and I was pooped.

Monday, I went and watched my friend train (I was on vacation and couldn’t have cared less after the weekend; I was tired) and then we hung out with some friends that I met from her wedding. We got Indian food and it was exceptional. Naan bread for life. I don’t drink while I’m training, so it was nice to be re-acquainted with my red wine for a few days. I hung out with my friends mom (as most 23 year olds do, right?) and we got into some vino. The best!

Tuesday, we hung out for a bit and then went for lunch at Emma’s Front Porch downtown Burlington. It was amazing – right on the water and the food was great! Downtown Burlington was gorgeous – all the houses are older and in great shape. Brick houses everywhere, my favorite. Tuesday evening (at like 11pm) we went for chinese food and it was also exceptional.

Wednesday, we really got our tourist on and went to Canada’s Wonderland. Nothing like getting your head thrashed around for 5 hours. It was supposed to be overcast, so our naturally transparent, Irish skin told us to go on Wednesday. It was literally overcast until we got there and then it was hot as hell. After lunch, we decided to do the Log Ride to cool off because “you won’t get that wet”. I hate having wet shoes or wet underwear – luckily I have good bladder control from day to day. Anywho, we got absolutely annihilated. I had to ring out my shirt before continuing. It didn’t take long to almost completely dry off. We were done at the park just before 5 so we decided to go to the mall across the street to wait for rush hour to pass. I had to buy an outfit or I was going to set myself on fire from being saugy for like 3 hours. I got a new pair of joggers (they cute) and a t-shirt from H&M. We went to the Pickle Barrel for dinner and it was gooooood. I got a grilled cheese like a true a child.

Thursday, I flew out in the morning to Kelowna to meet my parents who were staying with my Aunt and Uncle. The weather was gorgeous and I slept on the plane, so I wasn’t a monster that day. I flew Air Canada Rouge and it was pretty bad. I’d avoid it if I could. I was also seated next to the World’s Most Extra Helicopter Parent. Anyways, Thursday we went back to my Aunt and Uncles and then went downtown to do a little shopping. Similar to Toronto, I’ve never actually like wanderer or browsed around town because we’ve going there for so long, we just do our normal stuff. Downtown was so hipster and LA, and I loved every minute of it. I purchased my first pair of Lulu pants and shorts and I will never go back. All the stores were mad cute and little vegan coffee shops everywhere. Match made in heaven.

Friday and Saturday we just hung out mostly. I actually slept and caught up on life a bit. We went down to the boardwalk Saturday afternoon and it was mad cute. I got a nitro from the Pulp Fiction Cafe and it was adorable (coffee, delicious). Nitro Coffee is my new jam. We went out for a couple dinners, went to a movie (The House, it was awful), played cards and I got to spend a lot of time with my little cousins. My cousin and I did a little photoshoot with them. They’re adorable and we had the best time. It’s nice to finally have some humans that can’t sit still like me and can keep up energy-wise – so what if they’re 5 and 2?

Sunday my parents and I drove back to Grande Prairie. It took forever and I was super over it about 6 minutes in. I’m working in Grande Prairie for the week – getting back into conditioning, training, etc. and then fully back into the swing of things in August. It’s been a nice break, but I am absolutely ready to get back into it!