Start of the Season!

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  • February 13, 2018

First Meet of the Year!

The first meet of the year is this weekend in Red Deer for Alberta! It will be Saturday, Sunday and Monday (what a way to spend the long weekend!) at the Collicutt Centre in RD. I compete Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.

I’m looking forward to getting back into competing; it feels like it’s been a really long break but I can still feel the momentum of last year! I haven’t competed since Spain in October, I’m ready! The fall was kind of a mess going to and from GP often, so I’ve been back to full training since after the holidays. I hurt my back at a camp in December so we dealt with that, and now I feel like I’m back to 100 and ready to start the season.

It’s a long year if you do the whole year (which is most peoples goal), so it essentially goes from this weekend to the middle of November pretty much consistently.

How the Year Works

So for those unfamiliar to how it all works (I’m assuming that’s most people, unless you’re in deep!), I shall give you a break down!

Every year, within each province, is 3 Provincial “Cups” and then a Provincial Championships. Some provinces, like Saskatchewan, don’t have the numbers to host that many meets, so they travel to Alberta or BC for some. So each of the “Cups” gives athletes opportunities to “mobilize” (aka hit a score and a difficulty to move up a level). There are 4 Provincial Levels and 4 National Levels, once you get to Level 8 (Senior), you do not need to mobilize anymore. I am currently Level 8 on Tumbling and Double-Mini, and the goal of this weekend is to mobilize to Level 8 on Tramp (finally). You have to compete at 2 Cups or 1 Cup + Provincials to attend National Championships in July or you have to petition.

Most higher level athletes that aren’t trying to mobilize use the Cups as an opportunity to work new skills or routines before bigger competitions like Canada Cup or Nationals. The Cups also rank athletes within in each level for funding within in Alberta. This year I am planning on attending all of the Cups, but not necessarily doing every event at each Cup. This weekend I will only be doing Tramp.

Second Cup, this year, is in Lethbridge, Third Cup is in Grande Prairie and Provincials is always held in Calgary.

The second part of the year is National Events, which is generally comprised of 3 events – Canada Cup (in April this year), Canadian Championships (aka Nationals in July) and the 3rd National Team Trial (which used to just be a training camp, is held in September). These events rank you Nationally and from there you can qualify for National Teams – whether that be Senior Teams, like to Pan Am Championships this year or to World Cups, or to the World Championships Team. For Juniors and Age Group kids, they can qualify for Junior Team Events, Into Pacific Championships and World Age Group Championships.

The Third part of the year is those International Events. Pan Am Champs are in September this year, and World Championships are in November in Russia. So that’s what most people are working towards.

So basically you start now, with September-November in mind. You plan your routines, skills and meets according to the end goal, so this weekend isn’t the most important for the year, but it’s important to set the tone and always be taking the right steps forward.

I hope this was somewhat insightful, and I will keep everyone posted on this weekend and the season as we go!