Spain: Valladolid WC


Well it took a hot ass minute to get to Valladolid! I left Wednesday at 1pm and we got into Valladolid at 730pm on Thursday. There’s a time-change, but it was all pretty back to back.


I finished packing Wednesday morning (typical) and got dropped off at the airport. This meet seemed to be a weird vibe – it was weird to travel the whole way to a meet on my own and then not have my coach or any teammate there. When you travel for fun, if you miss a flight, it’s no big, but I honestly didn’t know what I was supposed to do if I was late or missed a flight – I didn’t even really know what to do if I was on time…


I couldn’t sleep the flight to Toronto or Frankfurt but I was a total nightmare by the time I got to Frankfurt so I knew it was the next flight or nothing. I slept to Madrid and then got into semi-organized van with some other members of the team. It was a two and a half hour bus ride throughout the countryside and it was actually really pretty. But we were all pretty over the whole thing by that point. Everything was red – the buildings, the bricks, the sand, everything. It literally looked like an exaggerated scene from the Chipmunk Adventure (a cinematic masterpiece and my favorite children’s movie that I watch 10 times a year still). There was no ocean, no mountains, just the Spanish Prairies and rolling hills. It was really something else. Not a lot of buildings, but a couple little villages and some farms. Literally out of a book.

We got to the hotel and the hotel and town (city?) we were in were actually quite cute. The first night we just went to the grocery store to get some snacks and went for dinner that was provided at the hotel. The hotel food was overall muy (very – see Mom, I got something out of University!) terrible. I had breakfast at the hotel everyday and then avoided lunch and supper as many times as I could.



The first morning we went for a walk through a cute park by the hotel and went to the main shopping/tourist area of Valladolid… if that even exists. The architecture was beautiful and the streets were very cute. We trained in the afternoon and I had seen photos of the venue and was so excited to see it.


The venue absolutely lived up to expectations. The floor itself was one of the largest I’ve ever competed on, especially for just a Trampoline meet (no artistic). The only venue that I think may have been bigger was in St. Petersburg because it was a literal full arena/concert hall. The floor was just really nice – everything was spread out, the concrete was covered in a simple grey carpet – it was really well put together. The back gym was smaller but had 4 Tramps, a Full Double-Mini set-up and a full Tumbling Floor. I can’t remember the last time there was a full training gym – crazy!

The Double-Mini in the back was kind of old and reaaaallllly soft. I had a hard time on it both days. The front gym DMT was newer and tighter and worked a lot better. It was a rough transition between them though. Training went ok – I got through both of my preliminary passes and I was happy with that. I did my two finals mounts – one was good, one was average. We only had that one day of training with 45 minutes in the back gym and 45 in the front. The back gym wasn’t busy but the front gym had a solid 20 people for the 45 minutes so you had to be on your shit.



Competition Day went alright – I landed both routines – both in the yellow which is a substantial deduction, so I was disappointed in that. I was grateful to have such strong training leading up to the meet and more confidence than ever. It didn’t entirely translate at the meet, but I finished knowing I did everything I could, it just didn’t come together the second I needed it to, so there is comfort in that. It was really fun to watch everyone else and the World Cup Events – Tramp and Tumbling. They were long days at the gym, but it’s always worth it. It’s inspiriing and motivating to watch people you look up to (some, that you have for years or a decade) in person. Men’s Tramp prelims was insane – the best competition I’ve ever seen. The person who went into finals in 8th scored 109 or something crazy like that. The top guy (Ushakov, my fave) scored 115. That’s insanity. I just really love this sport!


The last day was finals – I finished 13th and top 8 make finals so I got to watch! The Men’s DMT final was amazing. Reigning 3x (? At least) World Champion and World Games Champion Zalomin was there and blew everyone out of the water as expected. Lot’s of great passes and a lot of excitement! It was really fun. The women’s competition for DMT wasn’t as strong, but the Canadian girls looked great and a Swedish girl, who ended up winning the competition, had killer finals.


Sunday was the banquet and I was exhausted. The buses came to pick us up at 10 and 10:30 – which I’m usually a solid 45 minutes into sleeping at that point, to take us to banquet for dinner. We finished Dinner just after midnight and we took the 12:30 bus back to the hotel. It was bottomless wine so it was worthwhile. I didn’t want to be a nightmare the next morning or waste the whole day in Madrid so I turned in early.

Next Adventure: Madrid!