Second Cup Recap!

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  • March 21, 2018

Lethbridge Road Trip!

We had a delightfully long weekend in Lethbridge. It’s daunting to think that we have to go back again this year, sorry Lethbridge. It was a nice city, but it’s far and it smells like poop 24/7, so I super can’t wait for the whole country to come and complain about it worse than I did.

But for cereal, the meet went pretty well. I finished all 4 DMT routines, albeit not the best routines and nowhere near the hardest routines, but it’s still 4/4 right off the bat. Tramp was ok, I finished 3/3 routines but not planned routines. Consistency across the board is getting better. We have 3rd Cup in GP in a couple weeks and then Canada Cup in Montreal at the end of April. GP will be my sort of test event for Canada Cup, doing my planned routines for Canada Cup there. I’m excited, but we gots lots to do in the next few weeks.

Here are some videos from the weekend!