scenes from the week | ryan sheehan

Welcome to my new series “scenes from the week”. I was trying to think of some new ideas to share about my day to day life, but I feel like my life is boring. So this idea is to share a couple photos from my week, mixed with a little story from “behind the scenes”. ENJOY!


I’ve been working on some “DIY’s” lately – and this the start of my first project – a side table. I’ve been getting some inspiration from YouTube, where all legitimate things occur. My first attempt was mad uneven – the legs and the level. Attempt two was much more successful. The best part was when it rained on the weekend, so I had to drag all of the projects and tools into my living room off the balcony. The second best part was all of the little concrete chips all over my condo!


How could I address my week without a little dose of KoKo? We’ve been working on his barking and anxiety – and by working, I mean it’s not working. We do a nightly loop around the pond by my house (which might happen to have a PokeStop en route) that takes about 20 minutes – so he’s been a little more pooped lately. The lighting was good (aka it was gloomy all weekend) so we did a little photoshoot and got this gem!


My cousins, and their kids (my cousins? that’s what I call them so whatever), came out to the city for a couple days. They are big Dinosaur fans so I met them out at Jurassic Forest. It was quite the legit operation when I was expecting a desolate farm with Dinosaurs tipping over in the fields. I had never been out that way (to Gibbons, AB) so I was convinced I was going to be kidnapped. All in all – it was quite neat! The Dinosaurs moved, made noises and freaked me out a few times.


Saturday I took a lil’ stroll down to Whyte Ave to one of my favorite cafes (Block 1912) and got a coffee, but more importantly, a piece of Oreo Cheesecake that was absolutely exceptional. I had never been to a Farmers Market in Edmonton (embarrassing, I know) so while I was down there I visited the Strathcona Farmers Market. Saturday of a long weekend is not an ideal time for your first visit if you hate people (@me), but I love the vibe of Whyte, the buildings and the ever-changing art. This photo is the building opposite the Farmers Market and I love the vibe.


I took the liberty of training on Holiday Monday because I felt like I needed to. A little peace of mind was nice in lieu of having 3 days off. It’s not the best feeling to drag your ass in on a Holiday but sometimes you gotta. I’m the only one at the gym training for the 3rd Senior Trial so I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not in the same boat as everyone else. If everyone else gets 3 days off, maybe that’s not the best option for myself. Being responsible is the most annoying.

UPDATE: I have an athlete Facebook now so I will be posting more frequently – the link is below if you want to follow the adventures! Also, remember to sign up for e-mail updates from this blog – I will be sending out weekly updates of new posts, what’s going, etc. What could be more enjoyable than non-stop information about me??

Until next time friends!