Scalabis Cup 2016

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  • July 11, 2016

We have done the Scalabis Cup once again! Again, it was a lot of fun! Trish, Loic and Alex left before I did, so I ended up getting into Lisbon and then taking the train to Santarem alone, all in one day. It was nice to get to stay at home a little while longer, especially since I am staying after the two meets. I was excited and nervous to compete; I know there was going to be some good competition there. The two training days went well; we didn’t end up training with a lot of other people, so that was nice actually! The Tumbling Floor was weird – it was soft compared to our floor at home, but the top layer was hard so it felt like you were tumbling on cardboard!


Tumbling went well – I was first going into finals and I stayed first after finals. It was a weird experience to have a lead, and then the pressure to keep it – but it was a nice feeling! Tramp didn’t go as well – I believe I ended up 12th or 14th? Lots to work on for next time!


We got to go to the beach after the competition and take a surf lesson where I was an absolute disaster. I didn’t burn too bad, which I am grateful for but 9 hours in the sun was too much for this pale boy.


We didn’t get to see much of Santarem, but it’s a cute little town. The views are super nice, but not much to do.

I will post videos when I get them!