Salute to Excellence



So we got invited to the Salute to Excellence Ceremony at City Hall. It was neato.


Awards things are always awkward unless you love the spotlight, but this one is always cool. City Hall is awesome and it was decorated for Christmas which was even more cool. We went a few years ago, but this one was SUPPOSED to be star-studded. One of my fave athletes, Jen Kish, was supposed to be in attendance and I was SO jazzed to meet her. But she didn’t show. Nor did any other Olympian. WOMP WOMP.


I scouted out where she was sitting and everything so I could get a photo with her after, only for her to be too cool to show up. NEXT TIME. There was probably 20 seats reserved for Olympians, of which ZERO showed up. But there were some Paralympians which were super cool to see. Also, there were 4 little bowlers and it was the cutest thing EVER.


We mingled among ourselves because we are too snotty to mingle elsewhere, got our awards and went out for a quick din at the Sugarbowl afterwards.


It was fun, but nothing too interesting. I was hoping for a celeb encounter story but not this time.