T’was quite the half-week in Banff. My parents and I drove up separately after my weekend in Red Deer. We stayed at a nice hotel just outside of Banff, and it was my understanding that we were getting a suite to accommodate my parents, myself and the two dogs. Well, we show up and it’s one regular sized room with a bed and a flip out couch.


Every time we went to leave or left the dogs anywhere, they would go nuts. So our plans revolved around the dogs – classic. The hotel had a decent gym and pool so my big activities were working out and sitting in the hot tub. I forced my parents to watch Masterminds (hilarious flick – you need to see it) and I got caught up on my Woodworking magazine.


We went up to Lake Louise because I had never been there – a little dull, but I think it would be fun if you were there to ski or hang out at the Fairmont. The Fairmont was gorgeous, no surprise. Lake Louise as a whole was pre small. We drove back, dropped the dogs off and had a nice lunch in town at the Grizzly House (one of my fave restaurants ever). Fondue for all three courses, baby. Tim accidentally let Koda out in the middle of the parking lot, so that was a fun adventure trying to get him back.


All in all it was a nice few days. My parents went Dog Sledding after I left and they loved it. I would go back for a weekend or something – the mountains are divine but I need some activities to avoid going stir crazy.


Sorry for the shotty quality photos that lie ahead – I didn’t bring my camera so these photos are brought to you by iPhone 7.