Provincials 2018

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  • May 21, 2018

Last meet of the Spring!

Sorry that I’ve been super out of commission the last few weeks; I was busy with Montreal and then Provincials and then I got a phat cold, strep and ear infection that really knocked me on my ass.


Provincials went alright. Again (I say it every time?), it was a super long weekend. It’s the last meet of the year that I have to Coach and Compete at, so for that, I am grateful to have survived. It was hard to go into this meet being tired and a little burnt out from the start of the year. It’s hard to go from Canada Cup – a National Team Trial, that you prepare heavily for with important outcomes on the line, to Provincials that essentially have no pressure or necessary outcomes. Overall, the meet was fine? I wasn’t thrilled with my performances across the board. I had a decent Optional in Finals for Individual and I had one solid, high-level pass in finals for DMT. Other than that, I would say the weekend was a wash. I also competed Synchro for the first time in (literally) 10 years. The last time I seriously trained and competed Synchro was 2007 World Age Groups in Quebec and it was a to-tal mess. This time around it’s been a lot of fun, and I didn’t want to ever do it again until I found someone that it was actually fun with, so… it’s been fun! haha!

I’m grateful to have survived the weekend. This is the first year that I’ve done the whole “pre-season” if you will. I normally start a little bit later – 2nd or 3rd Cup and limit the amount I do that isn’t “important”. I found last year that it took until Spain, my last meet of the year, to be comfortable competing again and really start to hit my stride and confidence. So this year I decided to do the whole “pre-season” in hopes of feeling that preparation and confidence earlier in the season.

It definitely worked, by Provincials I was really comfortable competing and going for more difficult routines without the stress. I don’t find results to be a confident boost – regardless if I had placed well all year, I get confidence from hitting strong passes or going for things I was worried or less comfortable with. While we are all in it to win at some point, my focus isn’t on winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd Cup. The goals are a bit bigger and longer-term.

We have a 2-month break from competing now; the next meet being Nationals (2nd National Team Trial) in July in Lethbridge. I am tired and tired of competing for right now, so I’m glad this break is now. I will be re-vitalized for Nationals. I like competing and I have found this preparation this year beneficial; I don’t think I should be taking big breaks from competing, so I think we have set this year up well. The key is to not burn out by the end of the year (obviously) when the big meets are. But I think by doing so many meets earlier, the “stress” of competing is really gone for the year, so now I can go out and just do my thing.

I will post some videos later on; they really aren’t exceptional. I’m not thrilled with how they felt or looked. Anyways, onwards and upwards!