Out + About: Floating!

Floating is the weirdest.

So I’ve been contemplating “Floating” for a while and looking through different recovery things, this seemed to be the next, coolest thing. IT WAS LITERALLY SO WEIRD. I booked it, reluctantly, because I knew I would have a hard time doing nothing for a solid hour (self-diagnosed ADHD). I took the leap of faith, and booked the first one Thursday morning. The place is called Modern Gravity and it’s downtown #YEG. The building was mad cute – red brick and the ceilings were high inside with pot lights; all I could think of was how I would re do into my own loft. I had a lot of time floating aimlessly in a tub to think about it!


I had a cold so I thought this would help (it surely didn’t), and the first and last appointments of the day are an hour and a half… so I got the hour and a half.


You walk in, you watch a video and learn all about Floating. I enjoy that they acknowledge right off the bat that it’s weird… because it is. The water is something like 30% Salt and you float on your back with your head in the water for however long you’ve booked. The lady in front of me had a Float the night before and was doing 2.5 hours that morning… that crazy.


So you shower, and the hop into this pool type thing that is quite shallow and the water is tempid. You can choose to go in pitch black (kind of terrifying) or with starlight (did not help the seasickness). I layed in there for a solid 40 minutes and then felt sick, the thought of getting an ear infection freaked me out and I was hot as hell and I couldn’t breathe. So overall, not the best experience. I think if I wasn’t sick and didn’t have so much on the go, that I would have been able to relax, breathe and not feel sick. I didn’t want to walk out in the middle of my appointment, so I sat on the shower floor on my phone. Not my best or proudest moment, but I booked off the morning, so I figured I would get some work done.


I will be trying it again when I’m less under the weather; I know the benefits are super good so I want to love it, but the first go was not a success. I was also salty for the day – haha! I know lot’s of people with MS find the benefits amazing, but I just felt like I was lost at sea on a raft. Also, as someone who had ear infections every month for my entire childhood, the thought of having my ears underwater for over an hour gives me terrible anxiety. They offered ear plugs in the beginning but I didn’t take them because I was convinced I would just not put them underwater. I also thought I was going to be sitting the whole time… it’s called Floating… like come on, Ryan. My ears need to remain above water for the rest of my life #lifelessons.


I will keep you posted after my next go. But everyone should try it… it’s weird but a funny experience.