Okanagan, p2.


(Osoyoos Lake)




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(the canadian dream: photographed)


(Osoyoos views)


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(the freakin’ life)

After a few days in Kelowna, pops, Jenns and myself trekked down the nicest highway in this country (slow, but nice) to Oliver, Osoyoos and OK Falls for the Family Reunion. We stayed in Osoyoos at a nice condo with some of the other family – worked out really well who stayed there! It was a bit of a journey between towns but the views were incredible, obviously – vineyards, lake, mountains – couldn’t ask for anything more.

We did 2 wine tours – quick and delish. We did the Burrowing Owl first – amazing view, great wines, super efficient. Bought 2 Reds there. Would recommend the Pinot Noir. We figured we had time for another quick one before lunch, so we drove down the same road to Black Hill and had a swanky, sit down tasting. Bought 2 Whites. Riley, our cousin, bought a case (which is a hilarious story in itself) but with the case got 2 wines you can’t purchase individually – and naturally, they were everyones two fave wines. We went back for lunch at the Burrowing Owl and had some fancy food overlooking an amazing vineyard. Of course, we all had a wine pairing with lunch.

We didn’t get much time in Osoyoos. We went to the beach in OK Falls and it was amazing. Rentals were few and far between, but offered a bunch of different things. Jenn and I desperately wanted to try paddle boarding but they were sold out for the day. For another time!

We walked down the road around Lake Osoyoos for about an hour one day and real estate was neat. Not a lot of huge houses on the lake, but a couple were tasteful but nice. It was an eclectic mix of houses, condos and resort type places. There were no chains of restaurants or hotels, all very boutique and quaint. All the little towns you had to drive through between places were adorable and a half. My fave store was the Cock&Bull. A store after my own heart. No idea what they sold and I super don’t care. Driving through Oliver reminded me of old timey Miami – neon signs, low buildings, 70’s, retro. I loved it.

We had one supper in Osoyoos and it was amazing. There were a bunch of different restaurants we wanted to try but didn’t have the time. There were also about 400 wineries we wanted to try as well. Wine tasting is the bees knees, especially in the Okanagan.

Overall, great trip. Need to go back for sure – too much to see and do. Deffo the place for foodies and winos.