New Gym, phase one.

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  • November 22, 2015

So after many, many months of looking, gathering paperwork, keeping it on the DL, we can finally say that we officially have a new gym! Although it is long overdue, it's so exciting to say. We got the keys on Friday, and starting moving stuff. Myself, Trish, and a couple others worked on getting the smaller stuff to the new gym and organized on Saturday. This place is buzzin' with potential. Legit office space, more gym space, a front desk area, I mean, it's a lot of pezazz for what we're used to! I'll keep it updated as we go and progress, but these are the photos of day two. There was a Window + Door company in the space before us, so all the doors and windows are mad snazzy. This week will be a lot of work but it's really just too exciting. All of the big stuff is being moved on Saturday, and I leave on Sunday, so it's a going to be a great week with an even better finale. So this is phase one (aka 26 hours into having this place)