new beginnings

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  • April 24, 2015





new beginnings, after a lazy friday

School is finished for another semester and I am confused as ever what to do with my life. I’ve been avoiding thinking about what I am going to do when school is finished as I only have one class left at MacEwan. Yesterday was very bittersweet knowing the end is near. There is so much about school that I am appreciative the end is near, but 4 years of hard work is coming to a close and a new chapter is about to begin. I thought by the end of my degree it would be so clear what I want to do with my life; that is very much not the case.

I can’t wait to travel this year. I feel like I am such a different person and I appreciate the experiences of travel much more every time. I think this year will be my last European adventure for a bit, and I can’t wait to visit some different places. This competition season is far more spread out and with sights set on Worlds, I am going to travel this winter. I’m looking forward to seeing things in a different, likely colder, light.

I finished my last exam of the semester yesterday, now I wait for marks and hopefully my classes to transfer in time to take my last class in the spring. Today I am tired with a sore throat, so I indulged in my new favorite tea (Green Kambucha, it is absolutely divine) and started planning my next trip! I live for coffee table books and have a big collection already – primarily of travel books. I’ve been avoiding going through them all until the semester was over so today is the day. I love putting sticky notes in them to decide where I am going to go. Mel and I did that last year, and it’s so fun to go back through and see what we wanted to do. Last night I went through my Top 10 book and narrowed down some options (and tagged some options for the next, next adventure!).

So for the next few hours, I will be listening to my favorite music, figuring out my new reality, dreaming, cuddling the doggies, my tea and as many travel books as I can!

“we’ve got a long way to go but we’ve got the energy, it took a little while to find reality. we’ve come a long way, you know, living inside a dream, waking to find that we are kings and queens” – Brooke Fraser, Kings&Queens