Nationals ’17

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  • July 24, 2017

Nationals is over and I’m exhausted. Who thought it would be a good idea to do 3 events again? Get real.

Overall, the meet was a success. I finished new passes, improved on passes I was already doing and blew some of the most consistent routines I had been doing. Classic. It was a long weekend – 1 training day, 3 days of competition for me. I came in fairly prepared and I think I showed that.

I’m glad it’s over. I was nervous, there was a lot on the line and I think I did enough to move on. I want to be better; this definitely isn’t the end goal, but it’s a good step on the where I want to go. As for what’s next, I’m not entirely sure at this point. Hopefully the next trial is at the end of August and then we will go from there. As for now, business as usual. Get stronger, get better!

Our Team Bonding was on a boat downtown Toronto this year – and after an early wake up, flight and then train downtown – naturally, I was ready to barf. It was quite pretty and I had never been down to the water in TO. The photos are from the boat ride.

Training went well when we got there. I tried to pace myself for the four day, because I’m a “balls to the walls” kind of guy usually. I got half an hour on each event which felt like nothing. I felt good after the first day.

Overall, Double-Mini was successful. I made a mistake on my second pass and didn’t do the dismount I had planned. I stuck my landing, but landed in the furthest zone. I knew after that pass I would have to do some serious make up if I wanted to hit the score I was aiming for. I came close, but didn’t make it. I am also slightly bummed I didn’t do all 4 of my planned passes. I felt good about most of them, but knew I could do better. My last two passes in finals were also alright – I really wanted to go for every tenth and landing. I felt like I did, but it wasn’t entirely what I had imagined. I ended up tied for 1st, but the tie breaker moved me to second.

My first tumbling was alright – not my best but good. My second pass was a hot mess. I didn’t end up making finals.

Tramp was overall good as well. I didn’t do my last skill of my compulsory routine because I was close to the end deck (end mat of the Trampoline), but optional went well. I scored 2 points higher than I did last Nationals and that’s without a skill. I ended 10th after prelims, and moved up to 6th after finals.