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  • July 21, 2016

I had a whole post written out for Nice, and after recent events, my superficial view of Nice doesn’t seem that important. We left Nice the day before the terrorist attacks – which is actually something that did cross our minds the first night we were there when the Euro Cup Soccer final was on – we purposely stayed out of the centre of town because we didn’t know what it was going to be like – win or lose.

I really loved Nice – it was beautiful, great atmosphere and high end like I had never seen or felt before – the whole town is lux. It’s weird to think of it now – this town that was on my Bucket List for such superficial reasons – beautiful beaches, people and a step above everywhere else. It’s crazy that in a moment, the superficiality of it is gone and your perspective is entirely humbled.

84 people lost their lives (the last I read) and another 100 injured in a location that I walked through 24 hours prior. I watch the news – especially when there is big news. I was in Brussels a few weeks after the Bataclan attack in Paris when the news was calling Brussels the hotspot of Terrorism. Security was high and we were alert, cautious. When the airport in Brussels was attacked months later, it was humbling to know that I had been in that exact spot and to recognize pieces of rubble from enjoying that city just months before. Same with the Istanbul airport – I knew it. I had been there twice in the last two years. It was familiar, it was beautiful and it is now gone.

Nice was different. Every other incident hits home – you don’t expect this in such developed and common places – Paris, Istanbul, Brussels, Orlando. All places I have been; all places that I enjoyed. Nice was really close to home. It’s humbling to think of different circumstances – a missed train – could have put us in that exact spot. If we had stayed another day, would we have went to watch the fireworks by the water? Most likely. Terrifying.

I had a long post about Nice ready to post and I’ve been struggling to decide what to do. I would like to honor Nice – I really did love it, but all of my opinions and stories are so miniscule and unimportant now. Would I visit Nice again? Yes, but it will never be the same. So, after all of that, I want to share the photos of Nice as some sort of tribute to a beautiful city that will mend its wounds.

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