MySmart Foods Line! #USANA

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  • May 9, 2016

I am so jazzed to share the new MySmart Foods Line that USANA will be offering starting this month! I went to a presentation on it a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to share. I really enjoy the current USANA shakes – Nutrimeal – but when they unveiled the new stuff, I was like oh yeah, this is the big times! I, personally, don’t like the current bars/cookies that USANA offers. I find them to be a little too rich and blah.


Introducing the new line…

What I love about it…

  1. Customization – so many different flavors, combinations, bases, additions, whatever you want! I am always looking for new (and easy) ways to get more protein – and this is just it! You can choose your protein base (which are three super cool choices) and then you can add even more at the end! And as a struggling/arguable vegan, I like that there are plant-based choices, and choices that can work for absolutely anyone – diabetics, vegans, gluten-free, anything!
  2. New Bars! It’s about time – and at the presentation, I got to try all of them and they were all amazing. For anyone that knows me, I haaaaaaate coconut but I figured I needed to give all the bars a try and I actually liked the coconut one – so what does that say?
  3. Bars with good protein – another perk is another, easy, delish way to get some more protein! Since I’ve been more plant-based, I have been searching high and low for good tasting and good for you bars to carry with me for whenever I am in a pinch, and then these bad boys fell on my lap!
  4. More in each bag – my main struggle with the Nutrimeals was that they simply didn’t last long enough, but the new protein bases have more per bag so they last longer! Perfect for someone on an Auto Order, like me!
  5. The unlimited options of the future – with the new shakes, the opportunities are endless! At the presentation, one of the USANA scientists, Dr. Brian Dixon, shared the line with us and said that they plan on creating endless amounts of flavors – even considering more savoury options like Tomato Basil – one you could warm up and eat like soup.


I’m just so jazzed and excited that I pre-ordered some to come before my Auto-Order! If you want more information, please feel free to contact me! I will keep you updated as we go along!