the motivation book.

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  • December 29, 2014

my pick-me-up is my motivation book. it’s a simple concept – a combination of some amateur crafting and some brill ideas! As I find design, fashion or quote pictures that I like – on any social media, website, blog, etc. – I’ve made a habit of screenshotting or saving them, then filing them every now and again.

The main reason I created the motivation book was for days or times when I felt lost. I tell myself that it’s a reminder of “who and what I want to be” – from business ideas, quotes, words to describe myself or who I want to be, a lifestyle I want to live, what I value or want to avoid – anything that reminds me of who or what I want to be.
IMG_6236-2 IMG_6240

I like the combination of quotes, sayings, words and visual components – it depends on what I need at a certain time. I love going through every single thing thats written every now and again, but I don’t have the time or energy (or need to) go through everything all of the time.

I put gym, life, personal, business ideas in here – a culmination of everything that is me.
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My favorite photos in here are the Humans of New York quote ones that I have saved. I love quotes because they are personal and applicable – and it’s even better when it’s from a regular joe – not a politician or someones who circumstances are hard to relate to. Everyone can relate to the everyday person – we all have some similar traits because we are all everyday people – we are not all politicians. It’s also nice to put a face to a quote. I’m known for my facial expression and inability to hide my emotions. People always say “I wish I knew what was going on in your head” to which I usually respond “No you don’t!“. I find that HONY so brilliantly capture the quote, the expression and the feelings involved in the interview. It makes me feel things every time – sad, happy, guilty, passionate.

I’m also very conscious to put in things I know I will grow out of. I like who I am today – humble, down to earth, motivated, happy, excited. I don’t want to lose that. I might be more happy tomorrow or devastated – but I want to always remember where I came from, what I want, and what I am feeling.

The one piece I wish I could add would be music or video – there is so much emotion and feeling in those mediums that can’t be captured on paper. I will find out a way to make it all happen eventually. I have my favorite songs written down, songs that make me feel something and quotes from movies, TV and videos that I love – that’s my best option right now and it works… for now.

I’ve been reading more lately, and have found so much inspiration. There are so many things I want to remember, so here is to the next chapter, an unknown beginning, fear and excitement!