Montreal + 3rd Trials


I have been to Montreal before but we never had time to actually really browse – nor did I care to. We got off the plane about 4 and headed to the Port. It was so pretty – very European. We walked around the streets a bit, had Sushi for dinner at some literally underground place and did a little shopping. I had my eye on a shirt from Simons that I couldn’t find in Edmonton, but there wasn’t a Simons at the Port. BOO.


We had Set-Up later in the day, and then training if we wanted to afterwards, so we went down to St. Catherine’s Street and did some shopping. GOOD NEWS: there was a Simons and I found my shirt. It’s the best. We left downtown around 2 to be at Set-Up for 4 and WE BARELY MADE IT ON TIME. Traffic was so bad. The hotel was in Longeuil but the meet and camp was in St. Hyacinthe which was allegedly a 40 minute drive… which is annoying from the get go. It took us almost 2 hours to get there the first day. Set-Up went fast – we had Canada Cup in the same facility in 2009? something like that. I trained a little bit, but didn’t do much.


Competition Day! Tumbling didn’t go well. DMT went alright. I landed all of my passes – I stepped off the landing zone on my last pass in Prelims. I hit the National Team required Difficulty but not the Score. So it was disappointing. My finals went well and I ended in 2nd place. I was happy with the placing and my finals score. It was a really long day doing both prelims and Double Mini finals all in the same day (+ a morning training).

DAY FOUR + FIVE (The Camp)

T’was a long two days of Camp. The first day was 2 trainings – we just had to do our DMT mounts and some easier dismounts to landings. It wasn’t overly hard but we took a lot of turns. The second training we had to do 1 of our passes, 3 times. I chose my hardest one and I completed it 3 times back to back. I was proud of that! After that I worked on some individuals mounts, perfecting them. In between trainings, a couple kids from the local club came to work with us. They were adorable and a lot of fun. We did a long warm up and then played some games with them on Tumbling, DMT and Tramp. They were really good sports and a lot of had a blast.

The last day was a morning training and we started on Tramp working on some pieces of our routines before going to DMT. I worked on each of mounts and they got a lot better. It was a good training to leave on. At the end of the day, I got invited to Spain for a World Cup event, but was told I hadn’t made Worlds. It was disappointing, but I figured that was the case as I hadn’t hit the required score.


Overall it was a good trip. It’s fun to be with your friends for the weekend and get some good work in!