Montreal (2018), Part Two.

RS in the MTL

Sunday, after that weekend, I was pooped. Monday, we went for Breakfast at Tutti Frutti. I had never been, and there’s one literally around the corner from my Condo in Edmonton. It was fine. I got Plain Toast and Fresh Fruit – how exotic! We went to Old Montreal for the afternoon; I was there in September but it was cool to see in daylight. There is definitely a different vibe during the day and it’s significantly easier to get around. We saw the Notre-Dame Cathedral and it is gorgeous. I mean, it’s a little extra (and that’s coming from me) like most churches. The details are exceptional, but like who says “we need more, we need more”… at what point is someone like “ok, this is the perfect amount of tasteful” because it was actually about 48 statues and 628 gold crosses ago. I’m waiting for the minimal, white marble Church and maybe then I’ll attend a mass. Oh, and you have to pay to go in… like I did 13 years of Catholic School and now I have to pay to go look at a Church? Yer annoying. Anyways… it was pretty haha.


We went back to the hotel to grab our stuff and I walked to my AirBnB. It felt like I walked for a while and took a bit, but it was literally like 7 blocks from our hotel (which I found out later) so I have no judgement of time or space. The AirBnB was actually super cute and the location was good – right on a pedestrian street (and a block from Starbucks). That night I went looking for a Vegan place to eat but everything was closed, so I walked to a (sketchy) Grocery Store that took me literally an hour to find and it was one block from our hotel… so I’m stoopid. I met two teammates who also stayed for a few days and we went to this mad hipster bar to play pool. The vibe was awesome – precisely how I want my house to be decorated. It was a lot of fun!


The next morning, I set sail (aka walked uphill both ways) to Mile End. It’s supposed to be the high-end hipster area of town. I saw a building on fire so that was an exciting start to the day. I got a couple recoemnndations of things to do there from a friend, so I obviously hit the Vegan restaurant first and it was EXCEPTIONAL. I went to some boutiques and went back to my place because I got burned too bad. I literally had a sun burn from my 2.5 hours outside, in the shade… this porcelain skin had a great winter.


I had a little lie down and then walked around the Mount-Royal park. It’s gorgeous and cool and I’m super into parks now. I met my teammates downtown at a theatre to go see a play. I took French Immersion so I had been using my translation skills all week, but this play was in French so I knew it would be the true test. I had read (half of) the book – The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime so I had somewhat of an edge if I couldn’t understand. BUT I DID UNDERSTAND. I even got the jokes. The Dad’s character mumbled a lot so I couldn’t understand him, so I would just zone out and plan my week during his scenes. The venue was gorgeous – it’s in the Place des Artes which is just the Art Centre there, and the play was SO good. The acting was amazing and the story was good and different than the book, so I quite enjoyed it. They walked me home and I got ready for bed!


I flew home Wednesday morning and now I am officially back to real life for a while! Provincials are next weekend so that’s the focus for now!



Cool Shops: Mile End

Vegan Restaurant that doesn’t at all taste Vegan: Aux Vivres

Theatre: Theatre Jean-Duceppe and les Places des Artes



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