#McWoodNutts Wedding

Had a great time in Manitoba, hanging out, getting ready for the wedding, drinking a little too much (twice) and celebrating! I flew into Winnipeg, but the wedding was in Alexander (just outside Brandon). The small little town was surprisingly relaxing, and a titch boring. It was so fun to get to know Cat’s friends and family that I had heard so much about, and it was fun to put everything together for the wedding. Lot’s of things were “Starbucks” themed as that’s where Cat and James met. The centre pieces were bowls with espresso beans and vanilla candles, so the tent had a Vanilla Latte scent. The table names were types of Coffee sold at Starbucks (Verona, etc.). They also incorporate little chalkboards into the decor like the daily specials at ‘bucks!


It turned out to be a very beautiful and special day!


Enjoy the photos!