Loule Cup 2015

photos of the venue + behind the scenes a bit!

It has been a while since I have been to the Loule Cup (2012) where I got a concussion (oops), but was my first meet as a Senior National Team Member. There was a lot about that meet that was awesome, even if I didn’t do great, and I always have fond memories of competing in Portugal. I was excited to go back, see familiar faces and compete. Originally, I was registered to do Tramp and Tumbling, but Tumbling got cancelled the Friday before I left, so it was a different experience competing only Tramp, in fact it was the first time I had ever done it. I really don’t enjoy competing on event, and I have shifted focus onto Trampoline lately, so it was odd!

Trampoline Beds differ quite drastically (I find at least, not just me being a drama queen) from Canada to Europe, and I knew what to expect but it still took some adjusting. Euro Beds have bigger holes (so big it feels like I could fall through) and shinier/firm (super effin hard) end decks (mats at the end of the Trampoline on which I fell onto – more on that later).

I was competing in the Open Category (different than the Senior World Cup) and it had quite a lot of good blokes in there – I was surprised! At meets like that, you never know who is going to show up! I took the first day’s training easy as I flew in at 4 and trained at 7, so I was a tired panda but needed to do something as I competed the next day. We had trianing the following day before competition but the line ups were so big (anyone comepting that day could use the equipment) so I opted to stretch and condition before our specific warm up later on. I was in the second flight with Craig (teammate) and some other Canadian amigos which was fun. We were originally supposed to get a 35 minute warm up which turned into about an hour, and competed an hour and a half later than schedule, so there was a (high) degree of hot mess happening. Even the kids from Belgium and Holland kept saying to us “well you know, it’s Portugal!”. I wasn’t overly thrown off by all of the adjustments, I have had much worse before, but everyone else seemed real peeved about it. Come on people, this is some kind of first world problem.

My first routine was alright – I need to jump higher and overall just be better (believe me, I have a list of specifics), but overall it was a fine routine for me. My second routine was going pretty good until I overdid (over-rotated) by Double Pike (8th skill of 10) and fell onto the end deck. It was a bummer, but I was proud to have competed after having a big break/bad year this year, and happy to get my Trampoline re-debut out of the way. We can only go up from here (so far, that I won’t even post the videos of my routines).

Besides competing, which was over relatively quick for a meet – the first day of three competition days – we got to watch the World Cup, go tour around a bit and hang out. It was nice to be able to watch wihtout the pressure of competing again, but definitely a weird feeling to be out so early.

All in all, it was a great experience. Every travelling, big meet like that is. I always learn a lot and come back inspired to be better. I also want to say thanks for all of the support and well wishes I received!