so far it's been the year of changes! New gym, new house, new attitude, the whole she-bang!

It's been a busy month, but so exciting. Loving the new gym, and the new atmosphere - although we've definitely grown into it already, it's nice to have a fresh start. Lot's of new and exciting things on the horizon for the gym.

Trainings been good - it was nice to come back after December with a clear head and some new motivation. Always have a lot to work on, but I've never worked harder and it will only get better. The first meet of the year is in a couple weeks in GP (first meet ever, which is weird/exciting) and I'm excited to compete at home for the first time ever. I had a meeting with Trish to discuss meets for this year and it's going to be busy but great. I can't remember a year where we've had so many options for competitions and the opportunity to go to different and new places. I hope this year is a great jump start for the next cycle, with lot's of opportunities, learning and confidence building - the new goals! We all have a new perspective with everything that has gone on the last couple of years - success, failures, wins, losses - and the new attitude for the next cycle is to do what makes you happy. We all have new, crisp focus on what we want and we are going to take it.

Bizniss is just a booming! T, S and I have purchased a house in Edmonton that we will be putting some TLC into and reselling it in the spring. It's a fun side project for all of us while we have other things going on, and we will see where it goes - big ideas in the works, of course! Living in the house while the work is being done is a #disaster but I'm learning about - more than I would not living here, but I think next project will have some different parameters! We're all really excited to try something new, branch out and think about the future. It's a great way for all of us to see what we like and dislike, see if this is something we want to do in the future and give us some flexibility with everything going on.

Koda is the bomb as usual - hates the new house except for when everything is mad dusty and he can run around and ruin my life. He loves having a yard and clucking at every person that comes in and out of the house.

Coaching has been going well - the kids look great and we are all excited for this year - again, lot's of ideas in the works and hopefully lot's of success!

I am going to try to travel less this year and be a more responsible adult/athlete. I CURRENTLY HAVE NO VACATIONS PLANNED for the first time since I can remember - sad day that was inevitable. Of course I have plans on what I want to do, and where I hope to go this year - Greenland, Iceland, Botswana are the main targets and hoping to do a volunteer trip somewhere in there this year (possibly the Botswana trip). I also want to get involved with some non-profit that I am passionate about in and around the city.

Anyways, 2016 is mine for the taking and I plan on it.