GP Weekend

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  • March 13, 2018

My life has come to that Grande Prairie is now my weekend away.

There was a point in time where I did fun and interesting things, now I “get away” for the weekend to GP…

But for cereal, it was actually a good weekend. I was burning out in Edmonton and needed to take a weekend off and not Gymnastics 24/7.

Tim and Shelly picked me up Friday (I know, I didn’t even fly up! Who am I?) on their way back from Calgary and we drove home. Friday I went and watched my little cousin Emery’s Gymnastics. It’s the best. I taught Tim and Shelly how to order Skip The Dishes because god forbid they try themselves without “help”. I went to the Crown & Anchor for the first time Friday… Grande Prairie’s finest treasure… It’s a pub and I saw my High School French and Social Teacher there, so that’s humbling.

Saturday I got to go to the Horse Show (I don’t even know what the whole thing was called but we were there for one reason and it was to see Horses, so it will be referred to as the Horse Show). Emery had won a contest and she got to ride a Horse in a show. I love animals, I appreciate them, but no I don’t want to walk through a barn and pet your horse that will kick me in the face. Emery loved it, so it was worth it. Mateo (her brother and my spirit animal) was less enthused, “horse poop! horse poop!” and “horse scary!” – my thoughts exactly. I didn’t dress appropriately but I brought loafers and running shoes… what was I supposed to do?

We went out for dinner and then got a show from the kid afterwards. Is it even a family gathering without Emery pulling out a microphone and bossing Mateo around? It was a lot of fun as always.

Sunday, I went for dinner with a friend and Cheer Coach from GP. Always good to catch up. Her daughter, Maci is adorable and was dressed to the nines (see below). If your baby isn’t dressed that extra, I’m not interested.

We had a family dinner and it’s the best. All of the cousins and little cousins we can gather into one house.

Also, when I’m in GP, Shelly is my photographer which is equals parts me telling her what to do and her telling me I look stupid in the photos. Always a treat! We did manage to get a good picture; 1/250 is good odds, right?

Overall, a good weekend and a good break. It’s nice to get away and reset every now and again. Now it’s back to business and Second Cup this weekend in Lethbridge! I’ve never been so IT’S BASICALLY A VACATION. Just kidding, it’s long-ass days and maybe a decent dinner out.