GP Weekend (Chaos vs. Abundance)

In an attempt to be a good family member, sometimes I show up!

It had been a bit since I was in GP; the last time being for 3rd Cup at the beginning of April and it was really just for an extra evening. It was my Dad’s birthday the weekend before, so we celebrated that weekend. My sister and her boyfriend came up as well, aaaaand we celebrated Mother’s Day. COMBO WEEKEND. I know/knew I wouldn’t be able to come up for a couple months now, so we tried to make the best of it!

It’s always great to spend time with the family and reset and get your mind off of everything at home, so you can come back refreshed (exhausted, but refreshed). The family has gotten so big that it’s hard to balance it all, to see everyone and to get to catch up with everyone.

I was watching a Today Show video before I left about Mother’s Day, and Hoda and Savannah (my faves) were talking about how when they feel like everything is chaotic, that they sit back and think. of it as abundance rather than chaos. When all of the little cousins get together, or we have what seems like 500 people to see in a weekend, it can sometimes be overwhelming. I really find on those weekends that I need to spend some time alone to get my energy back (classic introvert).

So my new strategy in life is that when things feel chaotic (which they often do), I now think of it has abundance rather than chaos. FOR EXAMPLE:

I always joke with my mom that my life is chaotic and I don’t know what I would do if it were boring. I feel like people can attract chaos, and I think I attract positive chaos (if that is a thing) because I like being busy and I like being entertained. My life isn’t chaotic with crack pipes being thrown at me, it’s chaotic with travel and jobs and training and great friends; something is always ‘coming up’. Positive chaos, right?

It’s easy to get caught up in how wild your life is or overwhelming or something always to be done; we all feel that. But those are the moments you are going to look back on fondly and wish you had a better perspective on it at the time.

These last few weeks have been busy, but a lot of fun. Here is my life in a nutshell (whilst it is obnoxious). After Provincials, I was allowed to have a week off, but since it was my Dad’s birthday, I decided to not take that week off and postpone it until after Westerns (the last meet of the year for my kids) and go somewhere then. Since the GP job, I really haven’t had a vacation (I know, poor me), but I had been saving for one, so now the time has come.

I leave May 31st for Calgary for a Kathy Griffin “concert” (?) that night. I had gotten tickets like 7 years ago but it ended up being cancelled, so I am sooooo jazzed for this to finally come to fruition. I fly out that night at 11:30 to Regina to coach at Westerns the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I fly out the 4th out of Regina to Gran Canaria (in the Canary Islands of Spain) for a week (ish). I fly back into Calgary the following Wednesday and then have to drive back to Edmonton. It seems chaotic; it’s probably not anyone’s ideal vacation scenario, nor am I person to just sit by the pool for a week. But I literally cannot wait. There are so many GREAT things happening in those two weeks:

-I get to finally see Kathy Griffin, and I’m dragging Jenn along for the ride, so we get a fun night out in Calgary.

-I get to help my kids finish their year off strong, in an “exotic” city for them… they’re young and excited to go somewhere new.

-I get to visit a new place with a great friend for a week. I get to sit on the beach, take a coffee tour, learn how to surf, go out at night, whatever I want.

-And then I get to come back to a life I really do enjoy; a very abundant life!

What’s your version of chaos vs. abundance?