Europe 2014 – Zagreb + Split

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  • August 5, 2014

The morning after we got to Zagreb, we went to the Plitvice Lakes National Park – which ended up being a shitshow.


We wanted to wait until later in the day to visit the park so we would miss some of the heat because it was hotttttt. We took the 12:30 bus and it took 2 hours to get there. We wanted to book our bus back to Zagreb from the park when we got there so we would know for sure we had a ride back but they don’t have actually book you back, you just have to hop on buses and see if they have spots. The last bus back to Zagreb left at 6:05pm so we hauled ass through the park as best we could. The tram system within the park was a nightmare – so many tourists and very little tram service made for a stressful afternoon. We headed back to catch a bus around 4:30 – as soon as the tram got us back to the first stop. We frantically tried to find where the bus picks us up (on the side of the highway in the middle of the Croatian mountainside) because we didn’t want to be stuck there all night. We ended up catching the second last bus of the evening.


The most annoying part of the day was that the National Park was on the way to Split (where we took the overnight bus to that night) from Zagreb – so we went 2 hours in the direction of Split, 2 hours back to Zagreb (away from Split) to go to Split that night. Oh well, ya live and ya learn.


Bus Station Selfie

Bus Station Selfie

The bus was ok, better than the absurdly hot train. Hard to sleep on and only 5 hours so this morning was a little slow. We got into Split at 5:30am (we left Zagreb at 12:30am. Our Hostel, “The Beach Hostel”, was a 6 minute walk from the train station that ended up taking an hour to find. Yay. We got here and it’s major hippy and I love it. The lady that runs the hostel calls herself LadyBird, and she’s a traveller originally from Norway. We asked what brought her to Croatia and she said “the name. I heard the name and something inside of me told it was home. So I booked a one way ticket.” You can paint all over the walls in the Hostel – pictures below. It’s about a block from the beach.


We went to the beach this morning and I found a girlfriend about 75 years my senior. We were sitting on the boardwalk type thing and this lady was walking over towards us. I assumed she had a question or something for us, ya know, a typical conversation. She sets her stuff down beside, quite literally 5 inches away from me, and takes off her clothes (to reveal her swimsuit) and then went and stretched in front of us, and went swimming. It was beyond hilarious. Mel snapped a pic – attached below.


We waited to check into the Hostel and had a nap because we were so tired. We got up, went back to the beach for a bit and went in the water. The water was cold but it was still so hot out at 4 so it was awesome. There was soooo many people at the beach from about 8am on. We grabbed lunch/supper at some burger joint recommend on our map, and it was actually really. Huge burgers. We picked up some fruit and came back to the Hostel to hang out.


Today is the first day we were really tired. It was nice to just hang out and not have to walk around a city. We walked around a bit this morning but there wasn’t much to see. Really nice views of the water everywhere, but not a lot of attractions or sights. Apparently it’s a big party town. Everyone looked in rough shape this morning when we got in – half of the people were still up from last night and half were hunnnnng over.


Anyways, Zagreb was major boring. Not a lot to do either. Split is very beachy, reminds me of the Algarve in Portugal. Lots of beaches, old people and sun. Very slow paced, kind of nice compared to the hustle and bustle of cities.


I’m writing this on the balcony of the hostel and ladybird is telling us how she’s been trying to be in the ocean during a storm and she finally got it today. She was on her little boey and lightening was striking the water around her “AND IT WAS JUST FANTASTIC”. Marijuana is a wonderful thing, I suppose.


We have tonight in Split, we take the bus to Dubrovnik tomorrow afternoon and then we have 3 nights in Dubrovnik. Excited to stay in one spot for a little bit, and enjoy some sun. Today is the first day I have a noticeable tan (for me), I’m still pasty as hell for your average person. and I also need to invest in a speedo. My shorty swim shorts are too conservative for Europe.

Until next time!




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