Europe 2014 – Split to Dubrovnik

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  • August 7, 2014

We got up yesterday morning to pack, etc. to leave for Dubrovnik. We had check-out from LadyBird Inn at 10, but our bus didn’t leave until 1:30, so we left our bags out on the balcony (the “luggage room”) of the Beach Hostel. LadyBird told us that if we couldn’t find her when we were leaving, she would probably be out rollerblading on the street in front of the Hostel, so just wait for her to go by to get her attention. She’s hilarious.

We went down to the beach for a bit and had a coffee down by the water. It looked like it was going to storm again, so we kept joking that LadyBird would probably be rounding up her things to come to the beach to get electrocuted during the storm.

We grabbed our things from the Beach Hostel, LadyBird took our picture because she puts all of her guests pictures on Facebook, and we headed for the bus station. The bus station was awesome – right on the water. Very neat. Bathrooms were absolutely awful. The most unclean I’ve felt the entire trip was using that washroom. It reminds me of the Ernie-O’s washroom in Fox Creek -20 clean points (and that bathroom ain’t clean).

The bus was good, air-conditioned – gold star. It was about 4 and a half hours. We got to stop at some resorts about an hour outside of Dubrovnik to get some pictures, a drink, etc. We got ice cream. The view was amazing from there. The views were amazing the entire drive. Countryside was beautiful, and lots of water. There were so many coves and such, that had homes and hotels on them. Really magnificent. It reminded me of the Okanagan, but after one “lake” would end, another would appear. It was amazing. The only downside was it was single lane the entire way and the speed limit kept changing, so not ideal for those who are anxious passengers or who get motion sick. I would love to drive it again, but actually drive it. My ADD had reached level 100 about an hour outside of Dubrovnik so I was jazzed to get the deuce off the bus.

Our directions told us it was a 15 minute walk to our hotel from the bus station – naaaaaat accurate. Oh, fun story. When you get off the bus here, you get swarmed by a bunch of old Grannies that coax you into renting their guest house or apartment or whatever. So I’ve decided I’m going to bring Norma to competitions to pity people into cheering for me and being my fans. Who can say no to that darling face?

We walked what seemed like thousands of stairs to our hostel. The view is amazing; the trek was not. Having a car here is a must. Or budget in for a cab. The room/apartment is awesome. We have a super nice kitchen, and a balcony overlooking the Gruz port – not overly close to the Old Town (the typical pictures of Dubrovnik) but we can see a nice port with lots of boats and yachts, a couple hill/mountain type things, and lots of water! Super nice. The apartment has 3 rooms – the two people checked out this morning, and two new sets of people checked in tonight. All older – late 30’s, early 40’s, so like super ancient. It’s by far the nicest place we’ve stayed, and the price reflects it.

We hung out last night, and then went for dinner down  by the port. The food was alright – it was actually so good that we decide to go to the  grocery store today and cook for ourselves (yikes).

This morning we slept in, and it was the absolute best. We walked down to the grocery by the bus station – to which we realized the absurd amount of stairs were far easier going down. Some random honked at us for being in his way, and rolled down his window to yell at us in Croatian. I couldn’t have cared less, Mel was confused and over-analzyed it. People shouldn’t be grumpy in a city as pretty as this. Old farts.

We got some groceries and took the bus back up. We had tortellini for lunch and it was the bomb. We went to the beach this afternoon. The walk was kind of far, but was super nice! The closest beach (and only beach we could see) is in the Old town, about 3 km’s away from where we are – mainly downhill 😀

The beach was pebbly and pretty small, especially for being a city on the water… but it was so nice to actually go swim for a bit! Split’s beach was suuuuuper shallow, you could walk out 50 feet and it was only up to your mid-shin, but a couple feet here and you couldn’t touch the bottom. There were lots of boats, kayaks, and such out on the water. From the Old Town (where the old city walls, etc. are) you can see a small little island that has nice beaches, caves and a botanic garden on it. There’s lots of tours and trips you can take there.

We caught the  bus back to the apartment when the sun started to set. There is really no comparison to sunsets here – just amazing. It happens really fast, and the sun falls behind the hills really quick, but it’s amazing while it lasts! We still have all of tomorrow in Dubrovnik, and our bus trip starts on Saturday. Looking forward to having some else have the responsibility of getting us places.

Now that I’ve caught up on sleep, I’ve been thinking a lot about training. I got offered to do Pan-American championships in Mississauga at the end of the month. We get home the 20th, and I leave the 22nd for Pan-Ams. I also have a meet in Great Britain (Liverpool) in the middle of September, so lot’s of planning, etc. is going into that. I’m excited, but anxious. I’m not really tired anymore, so the brain is going a million miles a minute about gym stuff. The ol’ self-diagnosed ADD.

Here is the link to my routines from Canada Cup – so I don’t have to do it in a separate post –

We are currently enjoying a nice (cheap) glass of wine on the balcony. We had sandwiches for supper and they were glorious.  We also did laundry today – in the sink, and then had to put them on a clothes line. Apparently Dubrovnik is set in the 1930’s – there is one coin laundromat in the entire city and it’s in the old town. I ain’t dragging my dirty laundry across town, so I channelled by inner 30’s housewife and washed them in the kitchen sink. Great experience – happy to not do it again. Apparently it’s normal here. Naat normal for me – shout out to Grandma Betty for doing her laundry on a clothes line. New life must have: Washer and Dryer.

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