Europe 2014 – Vienna

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  • August 1, 2014

An update!


Got home from Canada Cup in Newmarket, Ont. laaaate Sunday evening after some delays. Had Monday to pack and get ready for Europe, left Tuesday afternoon.


Monday+Tuesday were a write-off – packing, laundry, etc. after getting my bag late (Air Canada lost it), getting a haircut, coaching, the usual.

I bought a new book for the trip – a James Patterson one in the Alex Cross series. I read approx. 1 book a year so I figured I’d get it out of the way now.

We left Tuesday en route to Vienna, Austria. First we flew to Minneapolis, then Paris and finally Vienna. Here comes the best part:

Mel (the friend I’m travelling with) left her passport and boarding passes in the washroom at CDG airport in Paris – went back, and they weren’t there. So after scrambling for half an hour, we convinced the boarding dude to let her on the plane with her license, and we would go to the embassy and figure it out once we arrived in Vienna.

So we get to Vienna and the embassy is closed – of course. (Backstory – we came to Vienna last year and it monsoon-ed 95% of the time we were here, so we decided to give it another shot this summer.) So after trying the embassy when we got in, it effin’ monsoon-ed, again. We went for pizza and turned in early.

Yesterday (thursday), we went to the embassy in the morning and spent most of it filling out forms, going to get passport pictures, etc. After the lady at the embassy scared the sha-dooby out of us, we knew we weren’t going to be able to leave to Budapest yesterday as anticipated so we looked for another place to stay last night.

The rest of the day we walked around town, saw the sights we didn’t get to last year – the Opera House, the Museum Quartier, the University (amazing – would actually motivate me to attend school instead of travelling), Parliament.

After switching Hostels, we went and had supper down by the canal at some Thai place while it continued to rain – the only weather this city seems to have. After supper, we went and looked at some graffiti down by the water and saw some drug deals go down – nothing ya wouldn’t see in Deadmonton.

We got up bright and early this morning to find out the ETA on Mel’s passport. So I came to Starbucks to write this and try to re-arrange our hostels, etc. for the next few nights, Mel got her temporary passport! So we are good to get the deuce out of Austria 😀

We are off to Budapest, Hungary sometime today. Going to grab our bags, and head to the train station right away. We are in Budapest for 2 nights, then off to Zagreb, Croatia.


I’ll post some pictures once I unpack a little bit in Budapest and can find my camera cord – so far things have been a little hectic.

Here are some pictures I have so far off my phone – not a lot. I posted a few on instagram yesterday @theryansheehan or


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