Europe 2014 – Budapest

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  • August 3, 2014

So after the Mel getting her passport fiasco was over, we loaded up and headed to the train station.


The train was a gonnnnnngshow! There was a million people trying to board at one time and no one had assigned seats, so we ended up standing the whole 3 hour ride to Budapest with 20 some other people in between the carts on the sketchy metal floor. We got there though. It was one of those “it’ll be funny in a few days”.

A guy on train beside us got his ticket checked and he had a ticket to go to France… soooo we had better luck than he did!

Map of Europe:

France                                     Austria (where we were leaving)                                         Hungary (where the train was going)


aka naaaaat the right direction.

we paid 40 euros to stand for 3 hours – what a dream.


we arrived and went to find our hostel which ended up being behind a gate, down a grass pad, in the middle of Budapest. tres random and hard to drag a suitcase down (1 point for backpacking).

After settling in, we went to visit “Heroes Square” which was just a couple blocks from the hostel. It had a big monument in the centre of a square and long monuments behind it. very pretty – assuming it’s related to war/fallen warriors, something along those lines? I obvi haven’t lost my ability to ignore things I’m not interested in (in case anyone was worried it would happen on this trip).

Heroes Square:


Afterwards, we walked through a park near Heroes Square that had a mosque type building, a castle and the biggest “bath” in Europe (aka a big ass swimming pool in the courtyard of a palace). We went swimming in zee Bath. It was super weird but cool! A lot of people, a huuuge pools. Picture below


We had dinner at a nice restaurant down the street from our Hostel opposite Heroes Sqaure. I had Gypsy Pork which was the (which I ended up having the next day for lunch at another restaurant as well). It’s a garlicy Pork concoction and it’s divine. The next morning we had to pack up and move into a shared room (womp womp), we took the hop on hop off tour of the city around and got off at the Opera House. We had down by the water and down by the Opera House, then I had a nap because it was 5 million degrees outside and this pasty little white boy can only handle so much sun. We went back out at night around the hop-on tour (up to the castle hill, past parliament, the Citadel, all of the main sights in Budapest – too many to name!) and we went to the Hardrock for supper which was by farrrrrr the worst meal we had the whole trip – and likely our last time to the Hardrock on this vacay!

With the hop-on tour, we got a night river cruise included, so we went on the boat after supper and the city is amazing from the water and at night! The Castle (which is huge and covers the entire Castle Hill) lights up and it’s look very important. Parliament also lights up and it’s opposite the Castle so quite  a lot take in – absolutely stunning!

We walked back to the Hostel and met our creepy roommates. They were so loud this morning getting all of their stuff together – but really nothing to complain about considering it’s a Hostel.

This morning we wanted to avoid the sun because it’s a blazing so we went to a museum beside Heroes Square that was having an Architecture exhibit (my choice!) It was awesome – it showed all the new developments in Budapest and area, why those chose what they did, why it was practical, etc. Super interesting and they have a lot of advanced and modern architecture for a very old, communist city.

We took the train this afternoon from Budapest to Zagreb, Croatia. When we booked the tickets, we knew it was 7 hours and the night train was ridic expense so we decided to take the 2:45 one. butttttt, fun catch, you take the train for 2 hours, then a bus for an hour because the railway is under construction and then get back on the bus for 3 and a half hours. The best part was the no A/C for the entire first train when it’s plus 40 and you’re sharing a cabin with 5 other people 😀

Anyways, after a long, annoying train adventure, we made it!

Tomorrow we are going to the National Park.



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