end of Feb.

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  • February 25, 2015

This month has been a crazy whirlwind, but it’s been full of fun and excitement!

February marks the beginning of the competition season (yay!) but it’s also a reminder that I compete for the next 9 months. So I’m excited to be back at it, but also trying to pace myself for a long year! My kids also started competing this month and it is always fun to see how they do, how much they have matured and progressed.

I went back to GP for a little bit over reading week to see the family and my Grandma in particular. It’s always so nostalgic to go home and especially go to the gym. I’m an oldy there now! It’s fun, but also makes me realize how much my life has changed.

School has been crazy hectic like always. No matter how many classes I take, it always seems to be busy and full of group projects (classic). That is deffo the main thing I will not miss! This week I have a big presentation so it’s been busy trying to finish it, train, coach, and live a regular life for a couple hours.

Today I have an interview with the Prom Show and I’m really looking forward to it. They want to discuss gender issues in sport and growing up in GP being the only boy in Gymnastics. It should be super interesting. It’s also my first Skype interview so I don’t entirely know what to expect! I also get to discuss USANA and how it’s helped me, and opportunities that have arose as I have been more successful in sport.

I head off to Kamloops in a couple weeks for the first National Team Trial (Canada Cup) and then I’m going to Toronto to visit some friends (one of which just got engaged, so I suspect there will be lots of wedding things – I’m the wroooooong person to contribute to wedding planning so that’ll be interesting!).

I’ve begun two new projects – one, posting a weekly video of my training and fun things that happen in the gym – two, making a weekly blog post of all the recipes and healthy food I have concocted that week, with links and pictures if anyone else is interested. I’m making more and more effort to cook for myself (following my Nutritionists plan) but also making better choices when I go out as well. Some days are super easy but certain times are a struggle – it doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not, food is delish and I want all of it.