Easter Weekend with the Fam

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  • April 11, 2018

Easter in Calgary!

We had a super fun (and super busy) weekend in Calgary for Easter.

Highlights include:

  • Calgary Zoo visit (Shelly + I’s second zoo visit in 3 days). Lot’s of animals were out and it was cold as hell, but anything for the animals!
  • Brazilian Steakhouse for Easter Dinner!
  • Jenn dragging us to live music that ended up being a Swingers Party (yes, she brought my parents, her boyfriend and her brother to a Swinger’s Party). Hilarious.
  • Farmer’s Market!
  • Our first visit to a Rec Room; it was a lot of fun and we got infinitely more tickets than we ever did as children.


I was just going to skim over the events of the weekend but I feel like I need to elaborate on the Swinger’s story (haha!). I think it’s so funny and Jenn is going to kill me, but I love it.

So we had a full day – we went to the zoo and it was like -15 so it was brisk afternoon, then we went to the Brazilian Steakhouse where we all ate 600 pounds of food and then we went back to Jenns. She had tagged me in this event the week prior about live music on the Saturday night of Easter. I’m down for some live music, so I thought whatever. It’s like 9 o’clock and we’re all falling asleep and Jenn’s like ok let’s go! I didn’t think my parents would go, but they’re good sports so they came along. I asked what I should wear and Jenn said the last time she went to their show it was live a dive-y little bar, but tonight it was at an Italian restaurant. I was like ok, I don’t care, I’m wearing Joggers. Now for those of you who don’t know what Joggers are, they’re fancy word for tight sweatpants. So I wore Joggers, a sweater and a denim jacket to what I thought was an Italian restaurant at 9:30pm on a Saturday. I legit went to get a Cannoli.

It was downtown on a cool, hip street. We walk in, and it’s this fancy ass bar with an Atrium with exposed brick and people are literally in suits. The crowd is mainly 40+ so I already stand out (classic). We get seated right in front of the music, but the place was huge and packed. So we’re sitting there bopping along, sipping wine, and I’m like “weird, there’s so many couples here but I guess they wouldn’t normally go to bars I would and they have to go somewhere to dance!”. This old man was grinding on every girl there and it was hilarious. Some song came on and Jenn was like let’s go dance! So her and I go up AND DIDN’T EVERYONE’S EYES GO TO US. It was then it dawned on me that this was in fact a Swinger’s party. I have never been a hotter commodity, even in my heinously inappropriate outfit for the evening. I lean to my Mom and I’m like “is this a Swinger’s party?” and she was like “oh absolutely!”. Jenn and I were dancing like 5-8 feet away from everyone near our table and there was ample room for people to get around us, and a solid 5 “squeezed” past us and grabbed by ass. So if you ever need a quick confidence booster, go to a Swinger’s party without prior knowledge!


Photos of the weekend below!