days in Lisboa

I have been to Lisbon a few times, but this time it really felt different. I’m older, more experienced and can appreciate what a city has to offer more now than ever. I was excited to go back and explore what I found interesting, now that I know what I am more interested in. We explored a bit on our own, and we took an off the beaten path tour – that ended up being a little too hipster for my liking!


The highlight of Lisbon for me was visiting the Chiado area – which is the wealthiest area in Lisbon and seeing all of the shopping. We had been around there before, but never hit the high street. I was intrigued by it to begin with, and when we popped out of the metro, Hermes was front and centre. The area was kind of artsy/modern, but with a million cute cafes, restaurants and stores. We saw the worlds oldest bookstore which had an amazing selection of book and magazines – yes, there were FOUR (count it, FOUR) different Architectural Digest’s. A store after my own heart. We a hit a Starbucks, obviously, and took our tour from there.

We stumbled upon the cutest/most delish chocolate store I have ever seen: Lisbon Chocolate

The tour was alright – a lot of info, nothing that a mainstream tour would have taught you. I figured it was up my alley because it was off the beaten track, but turns out, I am more of an on the beaten track kind of folk. We got to see some different stuff than normal, and some really nice views, so all was not lost!


We only had a few days there, but we made good of it! It was awkward timing in between the two competitions so we didn’t want to over do it any of the days, and it was blazing hot. We stayed in an AirBnB by the Oriente station (highly recommended area) and the apartment was amazing – and cheaper than any hotel by a million.